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On 01/25/2014 05:12 PM in NCAA Basketball


Indiana vs. Denver, 01/25/2014 21:00
Under 202/-110
Units: 2 of 10

LA Clippers vs. Toronto, 01/25/2014 19:00
Under 198/-110
Units: 2 of 10

hi everyone got a few games today so here goes

denver under 202 and toronto under 198 both small plays but i like them, in denver both these teams can play defense and indy has been shooting well but figure that back to back games might slow that team down a bit and denver shooting hot and cold so take a shot
toronto and clipper history has this game under so take a shot with that

Michigan vs. Michigan State, 01/25/2014 19:00
Michigan +5½/-110
Units: 1 of 10

michigan has been playing well,so has michigan st. but 2 players out for them today might make this a close game.you might even see a upset here so take the 5.5.

Georgetown vs. Creighton, 01/25/2014 20:02
Creighton -12/-110
Units: 1 of 10

Wichita State vs. Drake, 01/25/2014 20:05
Wichita State -11/-110
Units: 5 of 10

as you can see i like the last 2 games alot.look if wichita st is suppose to be one of the best teams in the county then you are suppose to beat drake by more then 11 even on there home floor and drake has lost to a few teams by more then that this year against lesser teams.

Fresno State vs. UNLV, 01/25/2014 22:05
UNLV -9½/-110
Units: 4 of 10

unlv beat fresno st early this year on there home court by more then 10 so now you have them at home and fresno has a 3 or 4 game losing streak.will take a shot that they can do it again.

well thats it like to hit a few of these today.a few small plays today and 2 that i like alot so good luck everyone.

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