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On 01/17/2014 12:32 AM in NBA


Guys i was part of a NBA record tonight. I had Houston -2. They were ahead 73 to 59 at the half. Here is were the record came into place. AGAIN Houston had 73 at the half. The 2nd half Houston score 19 points. They set the record with a negative 54. -54 -54 -54 -54 -54 -54. I was part of this record by betting Houston.
Does BTB give out some kind of prize for betting stupid.
The Thunder Spurs and Rockets and New Orleans are my favorite teams that i follow.
Can not believe a NBA team only scored 19pts for a Half. LOL


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01/17/2014 01:10 AM

Speechless on such a futile second half performance boogyman. I know exactly how you must feel with the Rockets being up 14 at the half. I played OKC small on the ML but had over 20 three times larger. No excuse WHATSOEVER this game doesn't go over the total. So both teams combine for only 64 in the second half including just 19 for the Rockets???!!! Totally ridiculous and nauseating!

Have to believe to some degree that the fix was in on this one tonight.

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