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PlayersINsider...PAUL LEINER 1000* NBA TOTAL TONIGHT 1/15

Tonight I have a 1000* NBA Total for you...Sorry guys, lost a tough one with Kentucky last night...Monday 1000* Over Duke/Virginia came in...Sunday we went 4-0 and 2000* 49ers took care of the Panthers...Saturday 1500* Over Patriots/Colts cashed...Friday 1000* Over Cavs/Jazz hit easily...Wednesday 2000* Kansas took care of Oklahoma...Sunday 1500* Chargers beat the Bengals...Friday we went 3-1 and hit 2000* Over Missouri/Oklahoma State...New Year's Day we went 4-1-1 and nailed 1500* South Carolina and 1500* Over Baylor/UCF...Sunday 1500* Steelers took care of the Browns...21 out of the last 30 days have been winning days...Thursday 1000* Utah State beat NIU...Christmas we hit 2000* Over Clippers/Warriors...Monday 1000* Over Knicks/Magic comes in...Sunday 2000* Chargers took care of the Raiders and 500* UConn won...Saturday 2000* San Diego State beat up Buffalo...Friday 1000* Over Bucks/Cavs came in easily...Thursday 1000* Over Spurs/Warriors came in...Wednesday 2000* UMass took care of Ohio...Tuesday 1000* Wichita State hit...Monday we went 3-0 and 1500* Ravens took care of the Lions...Sunday 2000* Chiefs destroyed the Raiders...Thursday 2000* Chargers beat the Broncos outright...Saturday 1500* Over Auburn/Missouri hits easily and 500* Michigan State beats Ohio State...Thursday 2000* Over Texans/Jaguars comes in. 3-1 on Wednesday and 1500* Purdue crushed Boston College...Thursday 1500* Over Steelers/Ravens snuck in...Wednesday 2000* Syracuse beat Baylor...Monday 1500* Syracuse took care of Minnesota...Thursday we went 3-1 and 2000* Clemson destroyed Georgia Tech...3-0 on Wednesday and 1500* Northern Illinois beat Ball State...Sunday we went 3-0-1 and 2000* Over Saints/Cowboys came in...Saturday 2000* Over Va Tech/Miami cruised in...Thursday 2000* Stanford beat Oregon outright...Friday 1500* USC crushed Oregon State...Wednesday 1500* Over Cincy/Memphis cruised in...Sunday 2000* Packers took care of the Vikings...Thursday 1500* Over Panthers/Bucs cashed...2-0 on Wednesday and 1000* Over Redsox/Cardinals Game one hit...4-0 on Saturday and 2000* Over Baylor/Iowa State comes in...Wednesday 1500* Over Cardinals/Dodgers cashed...Sunday 2000* Over Rams/Texans hit easily...Tuesday 2000* Redsox beat the Rays in game 4...Sunday we went 3-0 in the NFL and hit 2000* Over Giants/Eagles...Saturday 2000* Over Baylor/West Virginia hit by 45...Finished 6-1 in World Series...34-20 run in 1000* MLB Plays...4-1 in 1000* NFLX games...2000* Heat beat the Spurs in Game 7...Finished on a 12-2 run in Sweet-16, Elite-8 and Final Four plays and went 24-9 overall in the tourney...2000* Ravens beat the Niners outright in the Super Bowl...44-31-2 in my career with 2000* plays...8-2 in 1500* NFC plays this season and 29-13 run overall in the NFL...5-1 in 1000* Bowl plays...11-3 in 1500* NBA Playoff action...13-4 last year in 1000* MLB Picks...Ended the College Hoops season the right way as 2000* Kentucky handled Kansas...went 4-0 in Elite Eight plays...Finished 18-12-1 in the Big Dance...114-83-4 run in 1500* plays...Ended the College Football season with 1000* Alabama beating LSU...16 out of 21 winning weeks in the NFL and 62-36-3 record overall...Finished the College Football season with a 73-53-6 record...159-109-5 run overall with 1000* plays...We ended last College Hoops season with 2000* Kentucky in the Championship game...366-272-13 run in 1000* or higher plays...Sixty-six 1000* winners in 2011...I went 33-7 (82.5%) last two years in NFL Pre-Season...I hit 70% in my top Football plays last season...finished last College Hoops season with a 157-111-7 record...go to PlayersInsider and let's keep making money.

100* Dayton -7
50* Rhode Island +8.5

66-52-3 CFB, 70-49-2 CBB, 33-28-2 NBA, 50-38-3 NFL, 252-195-2 MLB

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Another 1000* NBA Total goes tonight...go to PlayersInsider

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Still time for tonight's 1000* NBA Total...go to PlayersInsider

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Today's game:

1. Charlotte Bobcats - Philadelphia 76ers /NBA/
2. Toronto Raptors - Boston Celtics /NBA/