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11/07/2011 06:29 PM

Armadillo: Monday's six-pack

-- ESPNU replayed the LSU-Alabama game late Sunday night, even though the game was on CBS. Good work by the SEC.

-- Road teams were 10-3 against the spread Sunday.

-- 63 of 129 NFL games this year were decided by 7 or less points.

-- Going into Sunday's games, three punters were averaging 50+ yards a punt; eight were averaging 48+. Are the footballs juiced now?

-- Aaron Rodgers has 24 TD passes, 3 INTs this year. Not bad.

-- As far as I know, Jeff Fisher is currently unemployed; if any of you know Rams' owner Stan Kroenke, please tell him. Thanks.


Armadillo: Monday's List of 13: Wrapping up an NFL Sunday.........

The last half-hour of the Ram-Cardinal game left me in a state where its not a good idea to express my thoughts yet, since this is a family website, but I'll pass along some thoughts on each of the 13 games played Sunday, and I'll go in order of the rotation on the Las Vegas schedules......

13) Falcons 31, Colts 7-- Julio Jones scored on TD passes of 50/80 yards in the first 18:05 of the game as Atlanta scored early and often, giving the winless Colts very little hope in a methodical 31-7 win. Indy's only TD was scored by the defense, one of only three defensive TDs Sunday.

12) Bucs were running ball well early on, then Raheem Morris went for it on 4th-and-1 from the Saint 34 with around 5:15 left in the first quarter; as soon as Blount got stuffed and didn't make a first down, the game was over, as New Orleans scored TDs the next two times they had the ball. Tampa Bay converted on just 2 of 12 third down plays. Saints 27-16.

11) Texans 30, Browns 12-- If you read between the lines, Cleveland has internal issues with regards to player contracts and also they've changed to a new offense and don't have all the pieces they need yet. Texans ran the ball down their throats (261 yards); and were 9-14 on third down.

10) Buffalo Bills wore white jerseys at home for the first time since 1986 and they got their butts kicked by a division rival. If I ran a team, there is no freakin' way my team would veer too far away from the normal when the big games rolled around. Routine is important for athletes. Pittsburgh wore its throwback uniforms for the Raven game. Bad idea.

9) Dolphins 31, Chiefs 3-- Under was 9-4 Sunday, as offenses continue to be strangled by the men who call plays. Unless one team gets ahead by 10 or more points, coaches play not-to-lose. You need TDs on special teams and defense to get games over the total. If one team gets a big lead, then a game will open up. Hard to know that beforehand.

8) 49ers 19, Redskins 11-- 7-1 Niners had a 19-yard advantage in average starting field position. Redskins' TD in last 3:00 keeps them from going back-to-back games without a TD. Somehow, since her husband is coach and son is offensive coordinator, I'm guessing Mrs Shanahan isn't exactly having lot of fun these days. Just a guess.

7) Cowboys 23, Seahawks 13-- Dallas drove 96-86 yards on its 2nd/3rd drives of the game, but didn't score a TD either time. Seahawks started 9 of 10 drives 80+ yards from paydirt; one time they started less than 80 yards away, they scored their only TD. Seattle hosts the Ravens next, in a huge trap game for Baltimore.

6) Broncos 38, Raiders 24-- Denver scored last 24 points of game- they ran ball for 298 yards, with QB Tebow getting 117. He is now 3-2 as an NFL starter. Oakland is now 0-10 in its last ten post-bye games.

5) Bengals 24, Titans 17-- Funny how Chad85Johnson left Cincinnati for the Patriots, and now the Bengals are contenders and the Patriots look like a team on the decline. I'm just sayin'.......

4) Cardinals 19, Rams 13 (ot)-- %($&+%@+)($%#&!(*!!!!!! Quick note: It used to be an extreme no-no to field a punt inside your own 10; now in the ESPN era, everyone wants to get on SportsCenter, so if the ball is on the field, its getting returned. Please punt the %+&#$ ball out of bounds.

3) Giants 24, Patriots 20--Later this month, Giants will lose a couple of games in a row and nitwits will call for Tom Coughlin's head, because he is an older man and not media-friendly. What he is, and I mean this, is one of the best coaches in NFL history. Seriously, who coaching now would you say is better, other than the cheating bastard Coughlin beat Sunday?

By the way, I was 100% wrong on this game; thought the Patriots would put a hurtin' on Big Blue, and I was very wrong. Question becomes, does that mean I overrated New England or underrated the Giants?

2) Packers 45, Chargers 38-- Think about how much grief Packer GM Ted Thompson must've taken when he got rid of Brett Favre; he put his whole career on the line, and look how right he was. Aaron Rodgers is well on his way to being better than Favre (he still has a ways to go) but making Rodgers the #1 guy was gutsy and right. Thompson must smile a lot.

1) Baltimore converted 14-21 on 3rd down, an exceptional performance in a rivalry game; 18 of their 23 first downs came via the air, so hats off to Joe Flacco for the best game of his career, tossing the winning TD pass with 0:08 left to send a lot of fans in Pittsburgh home unhappy.

Always remember the 3 G's Girls,Golf, Gambling not in any particular order......:2thumbs: