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On 11/01/2011 05:11 PM in NCAA Football

A Weekly Look at College Football

For Week 9 the Favorite and over train continued to shine as favorites were 31-22 and overs were 28-24-1 based on the closing lines at

A couple of weeks ago I took a look at the miriad scenarios with the undefeated teams. Over the past couple of weeks the BCS has had things go their way should they want to avoid a big controversy at the end of the season and hear the loud cry for a playoff system.

After the last 2 weeks we are down to 6 undefeated teams with Boise and Houston firmly on the outside looking in. As we all know one of the SEC teams will lose this weekend and as I mentioned before it's a shame that this game isn't in January for the title because it is pretty obvious that these 2 teams are well above the others.

Oklahoma State would appear to be in control of their own destiny sitting at number 3 in all polls and BCS with a tough remaining schedule...home against Kansas State, on the road at Texas Tech and Iowa State before the finale showdown at home vs. Oklahoma. Pretty safe to say that if the Cowboys win out against that schedule they will deservedly be in the championship game.

Mr. Luck and Stanford survived the triple overtime and have an easier go at it with patsies Oregon State and Cal sandwiching their matchup vs. Oregon which they get at home. Their finale could be an interesting one at home vs. Notre Dame which would have plenty of intrigue as that is the week before the Oklahoma/OSU game so Mr. Luck and company could hold serve and wait a week to see if the Sooners can handle the Cowboys and put Stanford in the title game.

Although I am a big proponent of a playoff system, I have to say that if we end up with the LSU/Bama winner vs. either Oklahoma State or Stanford that will be a game to look forward to and enjoy....

I guess the only remaining wild card would be if the winner of LSU/Bama loses in the SEC title game and/or Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State and Oregon or Notre Dame beats Stanford then could it be Boise vs. Houston for all the marbles??? Wouldn't that be funny...seriously the big controversy that would happen is if the SEC team stays unbeaten and Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State and Stanford loses do they put a one-loss Oklahoma team in the game ahead of unbeaten Boise? I can hear the howls from here....

The matchups this week actually don't hold that much intrigue as there are a lot of double-digit favorites again, although there are a couple of games of note....The Oklahoma State/Kansas State matchup which Okie State obviously needs to win - the Oklahoma dismantling of Kansas State in the second half last week sort of took the lustre off of this matchup as Okie State is a solid 21 point favorite.

This years game of the century between Bama and LSU takes place at 8 eastern on CBS...scoresandodds shows the game opening with Bama favored by 4 and a total of 43.5. Bama and under money have been prevalent thus far as the line currently sits at -5 and 42. First blush for me says that the total is still a bit too high as both of these teams have just monster defenses...however it always seems that when we expect a 17-14 game something happens and there are big turnovers or trick plays and the game may fly over....

As always any comments and thoughts are appreciated..Good Luck to all this week - let's have a fun and profitable week as the season starts to wind down....

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11/01/2011 06:33 PM

Great read as always... I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to the LSU / Bama game. Win or lose I think it will be an awesome game. It's going to be tough on LSU to go to Bama and come out with a win... Do I think it's possible?? Sure... I'd never count LSU and Les Miles out. But with both teams having an extra week to prepare and both teams being as good as they are in certain areas it's one of those games that "MAY" just come down to home field advantage. TO bad it can't be played at a neutral site. But then I am sure Stanford and USC fans thought the same thing last week.

I just hope that the winner goes on to play for all the marbles because I think LSU and Bama are both very good football teams.

PS: I also hope the referees don't go bonkers during the game as I have seen often this year.

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    Not really having a rooting interest I hope LSU can pull it off for you folks down there...certainly not going to be an easy task by any stretch...hopefully it will be as good as advertised....

    One thing that makes college football the best is that when games are supposed to be good they normally are...

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11/01/2011 07:35 PM

This is THE game to watch this weekend!

If it wasn't for sports, I'd have nothing look forward to