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Weather will be an issue today in BOTH games

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Getting these picks up right away....

Saints +8.5

Like the attitude of this team---see Jimmy Graham....

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Seattle (starting in 2005): 68% ATS at home (52-24-1)
On road during same period: 42% (32-45-1)
If simply play on at home, against on road: 97-56-2 (63% winners)

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Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots - Open: -7

Here we have a similar situation as above. There hasn't been a flurry of movement as most books opened the Pats as TD-faves over the visiting Colts.

"Regarding the line, we've been dealing Pats -7 all week but just this morning we went to Colts +7 (-115)/Pats -7 (-105) because we're starting to see a lot more money come in on the underdog Colts," Stewart tells Covers.

As far as the total is concerned, bettors have again backed the Under with some weather conditions to consider.

"Got sharp play under 53, so moved to 52," Perry says. "Another game with somewhat nasty weather expected. It's supposed to rain all day and winds will be 20 mph."

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New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks (-8, 46.5)

Saints’ commitment to run vs. Seahawks’ rushing defense

The Saints got the road-woe monkey off their backs with a win at Philadelphia in the Wild Card Round, thanks in part to their commitment to the running game. New Orleans, despite missing RB Pierre Thomas, handed the ball off 36 times to Mark Ingram, Khiry Robinson and Darren Sproles, marching for 185 yards on the ground. That cut down on turnovers and chewed up 34:53 worth of clock, keeping the Eagles’ explosive offense off the field.

The Seahawks' stingy defense is a much tougher test than Philadelphia’s porous stop unit. But, if Seattle does have one weakness, it’s against the run. The Seahawks were pushed around by opposing rushing attacks in their three losses this season. They allowed the Colts to put up 109 rushing yards and a score, watched San Francisco rumble for 163 yards, and gave up 139 yards rushing in the loss to Arizona. The Saints fell behind quickly in their Week 13 loss to Seattle and ran the ball just 17 times, so it won’t be hard to improve on those numbers.

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Saints (+7.5) over SEAHAWKS

Key Player: I remember Russell Wilson shredding New Orleans's defense in Week 13 when stud safety Kenny Vaccaro was still playing.12 I also remember him taking his undefeated home winning streak into Week 16 … and Arizona throttling him. Wilson's numbers: 108 passing yards, one TD, one pick, 4 sacks, 11-for-27, 10 points produced, 24 moments when Seattle fans mumbled to themselves, "Shit, are we sure this offense is good enough?" Bad day? Something more? Did Wilson lose his "invincible at home" mystique?

X Factor: Get ready for either "25 plays with Percy Harvin!" or "three plays with Percy Harvin followed by a shot of Percy walking off the field accompanied by two trainers!" Imagine if Seattle hadn't traded its first-rounder for Harvin, kept the pick and drafted Cordarrelle Patterson.

"Nobody Believes In Us" Edge: The Saints are riding the whole "Nobody thinks we can win a Super Bowl without playing in the Superdome" thing, but what about this email from Seattle fan Jebidiah?

I don't really think you understand the Seahawks. This is a team that truly plays with a chip on its shoulder, a team built with players who were drafted late or not at all. Look at that roster — it's loaded with players that nobody believed in. Sherman and Baldwin are both 5th round picks. Wilson had a punter picked ahead of him. Buffalo gave up on Lynch. They are hearing all of this noise about how #1 seeds aren't a lock any more. This team takes its bulletin-board material very seriously.

And its Adderall supply. Sorry, I had to.

Possible Tragic Figure: Rob Ryan. There's a version of this game in which I can totally see Ryan agonizing on the sideline and looking more confused than Michael Bay giving a three-hour Samsung presentation.

Generic Talking Head Point That You'll Definitely Hear: "Guys, everyone is talking about Andrew Luck, Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin III … when are we gonna start talkin' about Russell Wilson???? NOBODY HAS HAD MORE SUCCESS THIS EARLY IN THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE!"

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more on the Graham pregame scuffle

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This was 15 minutes ago from the field