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09/13/2011 11:04 AM

Any word of when your going to make the site more mobile friendly?

  • 09/16/2011 08:45 PM

    By the end of the month the latest

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09/15/2011 03:59 PM

Ryan, I am not sure what we can do here but.... let me see if I can explain what I am seeing and being asked about... lets say you type a thread under NFL.... I see that thread on the latest post page. When I open it, I have no idea what category you posted under so I to either ask or open each tab to see where you posted it.

OK for the most part this isn't a big issue because most threads are self explanatory but... Let's say you post a thread saying Cincinnati is 2 - 8 on Saturday play when the game is played at night ... (OK I'm purposely being a little general here but it's for demo purposes).

Me as a reader opening this on the latest post page is going .,,, ok is that the Reds, The Bengals or Bearcats - because your post doesn't mention which category you started the thread in.

Maybe this really isn't an issue but then again, maybe it is? What happens when we get into hoops as well? Just a thought

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  • 09/16/2011 08:45 PM

    Will add to each post something like

    POsted By Babalou 09/15/2011 3:39pm in NFL etc..

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