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Bookies Battle the Points Spread, WEEK #8

And here we go onto week 8….

Last week there were 4 Bookies that went 9-3. Mike Corrigan(Barley’s), Glen Meadows(Boulder Station), Mike Colbert(Cantor Gaming) and David Lichterman(Leroy’s) all finished up the week at 9-3.

And we have a new leader at the top of the contest. Cavin Kishi of the Monte Carlo has taken top spot with a 61-41 overall record.

Here are the top Bookies picks for the week:

Cavin Kishi, Monte Carlo, last week 7-5, overall 61-41: TEN JAC CAR NO ARI NYG BUF DET NE SF CIN DAL SD, and Best Bet is SF

Aaron Kessler, Golden Nugget Laughlin, last week 7-5, overall 60-42: IND HOU MIN NO ARI NYG BUF DET NE SF SEA DAL SD and Best Bet is DET

(four way tie for 3rd with 59-43 record):

Kitt Langvad, Arizona Charlie’s West, last week 4-8: TEN JAC MIN NO ARI NYG BUF DET NE SF SEA PHI SD and Best Bet is JAC

Mike Colbert, Cantor Gaming, last week 9-3: TEN HOU MIN NO ARI NYG BUF DET PIT SF SEA DAL SD (No best bet selected)

Mike Guernsey, Jokers Wild, last week 5-7: TEN HOU MIN NO ARI NYG BUF DEN NE SF CIN DAL SD and Best Bet is SF

David Lichterman, Leroy’s, last week 9-3: TEN JAC CAR STL BAL MIA BUF DEN NE CLE SEA DAL KC and Best Bet is DEN

Only 2 line changes to think about this week. As always the Bookies make their picks on Sunday night, when the lines first come out. They picked the JAC/HOU game with the line at HOU-10.5, and that line has dropped below the key number 10 to –9.5. Also they picked the NO/STL game at Saints –10.5 and that line has moved to –13.5

The top 6 bookies differ from the Consensus on one game this week. In fact, all 6 “Top Bookies” have selected the New England Patriots to cover a 2.5 Point Spread whereas the Consensus feels the Steelers are the pick.

The top consensus pick is the New Orleans Saints, as 48 Bookies out of 60 made the Saints their pick(see above line move note). The next popular pick was the Buffalo Bills(45 Bookies made that selection). The top BEST BET this week is the Dallas Cowboys, as 7 Bookies made it their pick of the week.


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10/30/2011 01:24 AM

My eyes were trickin' me!

I missed Frank Turco of the El Cortez who also is at 59-43. That creates a 5 way tie for third. Frank makes it all 7 top bookies selecting the Patriots as well!

Frank was 8-4 last week and here's his picks for week 8: TEN HOU CAR NO BAL NYG BUF DET NE SF CIN DAL KC and Best Bet is DAL