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Chip's FREE NFL Winner

Buffalo vs. Tampa Bay, 12/08/2013 13:00
Point Spread: +3/-120 Buffalo

Buffalo at Tampa Bay 1:00 ET
Bills (+) over Buccaneers- A match-up of two NFL 'uglies' as 3-9 Tampa Bay hosts 4-8 Buffalo. With a cold snap covering most of the country the Bills should be happy (Not as happy as you will be if you get my Megabucks winner between the Seahawks and Niners) to be in Florida especially after their disastrous trip to Toronto where the lost to Atlanta (they lose that game every year). (I have another Major Shocker 10-2 winner) A pair of NFL rookies (Even rookie players WIN with Chip's Sunday Night Power Play between the Panthers and Saints) go at it as Tampa Bay's Mike Glennon has the Bucc's looking toward the future while EJ Manual has taken over the reins for Buffalo. Finally, (Finally, you can get my 'Highest-rated' Vegas Insiders winner between the Raiders and Jets) back in the line-up the Bills CJ Spiller helps complete the all alphabet backfield which this week leads to TD's. One key factor that bothers me is that Buffalo is 1-6 ATS in their last seven road games. Still, It's the BILLS! Get Sunday's FULL Slate only $149

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GL Chip!