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On 10/28/2011 11:46 PM in NCAA Football


College football is killing me this year, I'm bankrolling NFL on Sunday & Monday night & then losing everything on wacky college football games week in week out...

Is it just me or does NCAA Football seem like the Twilight Zone this year? I can't pull down the winners. I was on the wrong side Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday...

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10/29/2011 03:32 AM

i dont know everything looked pretty clear to me. I didnt follow tuesdays game but wednesday Pitt has the superior QB and the over looked good. all signs pointed to a small miami victory and a low scoring affair thursday with the two best pass defenses in the acc going at it, houston and the over were a lock from the getgo especially that over it stayed at 71 almost the entire week and shot to 74 within minutes of kickoff. Friday coulda gone either way honestly on the spread but the over was a pretty good thing considering byu has been playing better and tcu's defense is terrible this year but their offense looked good all year. If all else fails take the top 10 teams they have covered 65% of the time and LSU, bama, and stanford were like 20-2 ATS. Tommorow my picks are UAB, UTEP, and oregon to crush the 35 point spread.

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10/29/2011 03:45 AM

so pretty much if ur not betting the ap top 10 dont bet big time tv games and big time conference games. heres 5 teams to look at

UAB (1-6, 5-2 ATS)
TEMPLE (5-3, 6-2 ATS)
HOUSTON (7-0, 5-2 ATS)
TEXAS EL PASO (4-3, 6-1 ATS)

none of those teams are in big conferences and are covering quite well. 28-8 ATS cant get much better than that my friend

with that said since your bankrolling on NFL share the wealth. I've yet to find any great matchups that i liked this year with the exception of a few green bay blowouts, the pats on the road in oakland, and the falcons on the road against the seahawks (which i lost)

Only three games i see that i like are texans/jags over , Chiefs +4 vs san diego, and san francisco +9.. thoughts???

  • 10/29/2011 10:32 AM

    Thanks Matt, I'm looking at your NCAA games now. I'm not crazy about the NFL games this weekend, but I've done very well thru the first 7 weeks. I'll do my NFL homework later this afternoon & share what I come up with.

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10/29/2011 11:13 AM

One thing about College this year there are a ton of blowouts alot of teams are playing to the computers to try and get better positioning. Also the style of offenses some teams are playing are no match other teams defenses

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10/29/2011 11:16 AM

SKINHEAD... I'm having the same feelings about NFL... Seems Like as scrape thru and manage a profit at the end of the say on Saturday just to all but give it back on Sundays. I've been a bit amazed at that as usually NFL is my stronger suit of the two...

I have to hope it'll turn around and soon will have good weeks in both ... Hang in there.....

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10/29/2011 02:01 PM

Matt, This is exactly what I'm saying, I took UAB +5, first one on your list & the half time score is 38-0. How in the hell does a 5 point spread end up 33 points off AT HALF TIME!!! There's always occassional lop-sided games but this year it's crazy, the spreads are so far off it's ridiculous. I've seen +25 point favorites lose outright & other games with low spreads that should be close get blown out by 40-50 points.

Bobalou, I'm just the opposite, I'm making big profits in NFL & giving it all back in college & baseball, I keep telling myself to leave everything but NFL alone, but I love to have a little action out there during the week & on Saturdays.

skinhead Posts:206 Followers:1
10/30/2011 01:28 AM

Reaffirming my earlier comments;

How does Texas Tech beat undefeated Oklahoma AT HOME last week then lose 41-7 to an unranked Iowa State team that was a 16 point underdog? The spread was 50 points off!

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10/30/2011 07:19 AM

yeah i guess marshall got up for that game lol i probly shoulda considered homecoming weekend before i made some of my wagers..i seem to get eaten alive by the 12 oclock games every weekend and i do much better in the night games. just a bunch of sorry ass teams play at 12 like virginia tech, most big ten teams. Worst week for me in a long time. last friday just needed the hurricanes in OT for a 4 teamer, needed texas game 6 for a 4 teamer, and today needed michigan over 53 for a 4 teamer and between the 2 teams they blew 3 4th and goals

mattdagreat Posts:60 Followers:0
10/30/2011 07:19 AM

well not the worst week losing wise, but bad beats wise

skinhead Posts:206 Followers:1
10/30/2011 07:25 AM

I completely understand losing picks, I'm not complaining about your selections I'm just making the point that the info & statistics that I use to make my NCAA picks (BCS standings & the spread being the 2 most important), has been worthless the last couple of weeks. I can't make sense of things.

I'm up early this morning to get a good start on my NFL picks. Let me know what you're looking at.