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On 12/05/2013 03:19 PM in NCAA Football


FOLKS.....I earlier I was all over a bunch of sides and now after digesting them all...1 more has been added to my love list and some of the original beauties have lost their lustre. At least I played them and won't bang my head if they happen to win without my having $$ on them.
I committed a major chunk of my bankroll with all my active books on these games.
It's like an ALL IN" affair.
I am giving every one of my books their fair chance of being on the receiving end of an ass kicking by me.
Alternatively and at the other end of the spectrum, I'll be collectively silenced and swept under the Fieldturf
with a Michigan St. collapse Saturday. The worst scenario will be my self imposed silencing 'till 2014 &
a wager-free X-Mas vacation. ( Lots of bowls on Jan 1,2, etc though !! - A reloadable New Year resolution. )


i added a play on MEMPHIS that appears like one of my no other way to play the game if wagered at all.
MEMPHIS - pick vs U.Conn
MICHIGAN STATE - vs Ohio St. MICH ST +5 1/2, +6, +7, and +180 m/line
Mich St/Ohio St under 52

I had jumped on Louisville -3, Northern Illinois -3, Fresno St -3 and soon after FresnoSt/Utah St Over 59.
After thinking of what Fresno St will bring to this game after having lost their 1st game made me retreat
on this early pick too.
Utah St.'s defence may make this a tough over play too, however I'll stick with the hope of Fresno St showing up.
If you think Fr.St won't show up then get some Utah St & Under parlays in there.
The more I came to realize that Bowling Green and Cinci are legit +3 and now higher 4 1/2 dogs my love for Louisville and N.Ill has left me for another. Not running to the other side, just shitting and shaking in my shoes now.
To hope for a Louisville push in an OT game seems like the menu here.
May be worth a 4 team tease on the 4 of them. Rarely have I played a teaser on NCAAF but these look like they can be "down to the wire games".

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12/05/2013 04:41 PM

I happen to be with you on most these Bimmer....your thought process is very similar in kind when it comes to analyzing these games. Fresno State scares me too much, especially after getting their asses handed to them by lowly San Jose State last week. The biggest advantage FSU has is being at home, and the fact that Utah State's defense (as you mentioned) has really been stepping it up lately is a scary thought for me to take FSU. I have to roll with the points in this game, Given that they are both 7-1 in conference play, I expect both teams to play to there fullest extent. IMHO......Utah State has the better D between the two. I am by no means saying my pick is better than yours, I'm just offering my take on the game. Now that I have replied to this post with my position, Utah State will get their asses kicked, nullifying your need for a self imposed silencing 'till 2014. Whatever the outcome, it promises to be a great game to watch!

GL with your plays Bimmer!!

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12/07/2013 08:17 AM

Forgot to include my plays on Missouri.
Anyhow I have them +3.

So If Utah St makes it a game, then I see the Under going along with a USt cover.
Utah St will come out abd try. With Fresno you don't know what will come out
of the box. A boring upcoming bowl game for them, so what's their driving force?
Counting on Carr to make a bigger name for himself. Go Bullmutts !