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On 10/28/2011 10:05 AM in Contests

Streaker Rules

BTB's Who Wants To Be A Streaker Contest

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2. Email me the account #
3. You must make a pick every 3 days. So 2 days no pick on the 3rd day you must post a pick.
4. To play you must be an active poster in the forums. That means you make 15+ posts other than contest posts in a given month! NO EXCEPTIONS will be made if you dont meet this
and reach a streak prize.
5. We are using opening lines only due to the amount of games daily and difficulty posting them all
6. One free play win allowed without deposit all further deposits require you to be an active player, meaning you have to have made at least one deposit in the last couple months.
8. SIDES ONLY! NO TOTALS - added 2.5.12
1. Choose 1 Play a day in MLB, NFL, NBA, College Football, College Basketball
2. Final lines will be used from for easy tracking.
3. Every day post your pick in the streak thread, Mark will update the streaks as he can.
4. Picks must be posted daily by 9pm Eastern, no picks after will be accepted.
5. If your pick loses you start fresh.
6. You may not start a new streak the same day you lose one.

You can cash your streak out at any one of the following marks! HOWEVER if you move on you cannot obtain the original Prize, you can get a consolation prize:
7 wins in a row $150 Free Play
10 wins in a row $500 Free play
15 wins in a row $1500 Free play
Consolation Prizes:
8 or 9 wins and streak ends $75 free play
11 or 12 wins and streak ends $150 free play
13 or 14 wins and streak ends $300 free play

If anything arises I will add rules and notes as we go!

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10/28/2011 07:41 PM

As far as number 7 is concerned, posted lines are listed for the NHL. Otherwise for CFB I would feel it's not necessary to post lines to your game because the final line from S&O is used and is subject to change. We have had to list the final lines in our POD contests, but I think for grading purposes rotational numbers are more concentrated on in CFB and perhaps even the NFL.

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deadphish Posts:739 Followers:4
02/15/2012 04:20 PM

i dont see any rule about a push...does it count as a loss?

btb Posts:2279 Followers:163
02/15/2012 04:52 PM

No it does not count as a loss

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deadphish Posts:739 Followers:4
02/16/2012 04:20 PM

why did my streak reset then?

btb Posts:2279 Followers:163
02/16/2012 04:20 PM

PM marc he does the scoring for this

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gamblinrose Posts:383 Followers:1
02/25/2012 12:13 PM

Why isn't the "rule" about favorite "LIMITS" even mentioned in these "STREAKER RULES"??

What are they? Are there LIMITS for the "PLAY OF THE DAY" contest also???

"A Closed Mouth Gathers No Feet"!
btb Posts:2279 Followers:163
02/25/2012 03:35 PM

The limits were for MLB Favorites and not needed right now. These are not the POD contest rules. Read those for details

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