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On 10/27/2011 05:17 PM in NFL

nfl week eight

One Unit Plays (12-7)(+4.20 units)
Two Unit Plays (7-5)(+3.00 units)
Three Unit Plays (6-8)(-4.80 units)

Overall Record (25-20)(+2.40 units)


3-3 dropping 2.70 units last week. I can live with that. I felt like I had a horrible week, but barely lost and I am still in the plus for the year. Here is what I got for week number 8

New England -2½ (-110) vs. Pittsburgh……….(bought a half point)……(3 unit best bet)……Why not buy it down to 2½ It was -3 at +110. I would rather lay my usual -110 and get it down to less than a field goal. Steelers have shown moments of being back, they there are not the same team….especially on defense. Plus give Pats coach an extra week to prepare and we have a solid investment. Steelers will not be able to keep this Pats offense in check the whole game. Steelers might score a few, but Pats will score more.

Detroit -3 vs. Denver (3 unit best bet)…………..I am banking on Stafford playing. If not I may have to buy this one off and lose the vig. Detroit too good to lose three in a row. Don’t let Denver’s win over Miami fool you, they were completely dominated. Tebow is not an NFL QB, he just cannot throw. If Miami sacked Tebow a billion times, Detroit’s D line should have two billion sacks.

NY Giants -9½ vs. Miami (2 unit play)…………..I just cannot picture Miami’s horrible offense scoring very much in this game. At the same time Miami may have been able to stop Denver’s QB less team, but they won’t have the same luck against the Giants QB. This one might get ugly.

Jacksonville +9½ vs. Houston (2 unit play)……………While it may have been a fluke shutting down Baltimore last Monday night, I have to go with that defense plus all these points. Keep in mind the Jags scored enough to win against the vaunted Baltimore defense. Might see another low scoring game where the points come into play.

St Louis +14 vs. New Orleans (1 unit play)…………..The only reason I am taking this is because I cannot think of a single reason to take St Louis. Looks like look you can a million dollars on the Saints and we all know what happens when it looks this easy.

Carolina -3 vs. Minnesota (1 unit play)…………….Carolina went from sucking last year to being favorites this season. I will try them again.

Good Luck Everybody!!

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10/28/2011 05:36 AM

say what you want about tebow...that guy just flat out wins...and you know the team is gonna get behind him on this one. im a fan and i went to texas when he and colt mccoy had their qb battles. i like carolina alot...agree with you on the st louis game (how can it be THAT EASY)...i think houston is gonna rail the jaguars this week after last year's hail mary fiasco and arian foster is back and ready to best his allstar game from last week cuz he doesnt want tate to get any recognition. kinda like nyg but not gonna take just gonna enjoy the NE-Pitt game, too close to take a side there...huge weapons on both sides. best of luck mark

Good luck.
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10/30/2011 01:05 AM

Love the Detroit play. They need the win before going into a brutal 2nd half schedule.