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On 10/26/2011 09:13 AM in NCAA Football

college football week nine

One Unit Plays (18-22)(-6.55 units)
Two Unit Plays (9-9)(-7.30 units)
Three Unit Plays (6-11)(-18.30 units)

Overall Record (33-42)(-32.15 units)


6-3 picking up 1.30 units last week. Last week I looked at the lines for the first time on Thursday and in less than 30 minutes make all my picks for Saturday. I am going to do the same thing again this week for all the Saturday games.


Connecticut +10 vs. Pittsburgh (two unit play)…………..Why not? In Pitt’s last game I have never seen a worse offensive performance in a long time in college football. Although the NFL’s Baltimore club gave it a shot on Monday. Pitt no way should be a double digit favorite over anybody right now. Add the fact that U Conn has a pretty good history vs. Pitt. Would not be shocked to see the Huskies win this game. Only reason I did not make this a three unit best bet is there is always a chance Pitt could show up like they did vs. S Florida earlier this year.

Back tomorrow with my picks for the rest of this week.

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10/27/2011 01:01 PM

One Unit Plays (18-22)(-6.55 units)
Two Unit Plays (9-9)(-7.30 units)
Three Unit Plays (6-11)(-18.30 units)

Overall Record (33-42)(-32.15 units)

NCAA WEEK NINE ….lost two unit play on Wednesday

In a strange, I don’t care mood today, so I am playing a three team tease for Thursday and Friday’s nights games.

Risking 2 units to win 3.00 units

Miami-Florida -7 vs. Virginia
Over 64 Rice/Houston
BYU +20½ vs. TCU


Kansas State +14 (-120) vs. Oklahoma (3 unit best bet)………(Bought this up to 14)…Sooners proved last week they are human and can be beat. Kansas St is undefeated, playing at home and now has some confidence they can hang with Oklahoma. They will be sky high for this one and we all know in college football emotions play such a huge part.

Rutgers +7 vs. West Virginia (3 unit best bet)………(Bought this up to 7)….I have been high on this Rutgers team all season long, especially at home where they play great defense. Will not be shocked with an outright win. WVU’s confidence might be shaken a bit after getting dominated at Syracuse, and Rutgers is just as tough a place to play at.

USC +7½ vs. Stanford (2 unit play)…………….It sure does look like Stanford will not lose a game until they play in the National Championship game vs. probably LSU or Alabama. Everybody already has that matchup scheduled. Even great teams are going to have close calls. Even great undefeated teams always have a game or so where luck can be involved or they got a turnover just when they needed it. Nobody goes out and just completely dominates every game and team. My gut tells me this is the game where Stanford is going to need some things to go there way. USC after a slow start is really looking good right now. This game will define their season so far. I am grabbing the seven plus the hook at home.

NC State +19 vs. Florida State (2 unit play)………….I lost last week going against Florida State as a big favorite. I still don’t think this FSU team is that good to keep blowing people out. NC State usually plays them tough, so I will grab all the points and try fading FSU as a big fav one more time.

Nebraska -4 vs. Michigan State (one unit play)…………Michigan State has had some huge wins recently with their biggest beating rival Michigan. I just do not see how they are going to keep up that intensity again, especially on the road at Nebraska. I getting the feeling Nebraska may win surprisingly easy.

Wake Forest +7 vs. North Carolina (one unit play)…………Wake Forst must hate me because I have been on them just about every week just like I have been on Northwestern. I have finally learned not to bet on Northwestern anymore this year, so this is Wake’s last chance with me as well.

These are all one unit plays. I don’t have the stats for this and was too lazy to look them up, but is it my imagination or has it been mostly dogs in these added games each week. I will throw a unit on each on and see how I do. I usually don’t bet hockey either, but I have noticed a ton of dogs there as well. Can anybody confirm this? I need to find another sport since college foots is not working for me this year.

W Kentucky +6 vs. La Monroe
N Texas +17 vs. Arkansas St
La Lafayette +3 vs. M Tennessee St

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10/27/2011 02:50 PM

Great info Mark... GL with the plays (sometimes those "I don't Care Moods" work out for the best... at least for me.. Sometimes my just for shits and giggles plays work out better than my capped ones. We just never know. Again, Thanks for the thoughts and I wish you Much luck !!!

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