spooky Posts:4694 Followers:319
On 10/27/2013 10:50 AM in NFL


Not often I would ever want to say this outloud and make his head even bigger than it already is. But after his performance in yesterdays College Football schedule I have to tip my hat and give him a standing ovation.

In our College Football Weekly and Seasonal Contest for this week.
JimmytheGreek went 12-0
Yeah, try doing that sometime. In your life. So congratulations to Greek and humbly I bow down and say good job even if you are going down today with your Cowboys.

1. jimmythegreek Points/Max 16 / 16 Wins 12 Key Wins 4

OHIO -24½
FLAST -28½
ALAB -27½
N.ILL -30½
OREG -21½
MISS -41½
WASH -23½

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raizencane Posts:70 Followers:1
10/27/2013 12:27 PM

WOW! Congrats JTGR!
Nice Job!!

Good Luck!

"It's A Canes Thing, You Wouldn't Understand"
jimmythegreek Posts:12596 Followers:392
10/27/2013 02:50 PM

Thanks Marc and Cane! Definitely a once in a lifetime crap shoot and probably a better chance to get hit by lightning Threw darts at some big favorites and all came up smelling roses. Won't see this happen again for a handful of years if at all again but happy to have had additional research and choices pay off! Thanks again for the contest opportunities!

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delusion2 Posts:987 Followers:5
10/27/2013 04:18 PM

Good Job! Impressive !

marksmoneymakers Posts:29589 Followers:142
10/28/2013 08:18 AM

I am amazed. And jealous. Great job Jimmy!!