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On 10/22/2011 10:39 PM in NFL

Bookies Battle the Point Spreads, Week #7

Here we go with week#7!

Last week 5 bookies took the honors for top week with a 9-3 Record. Circus Circus’ John Schied, Red Rock’s Jason McCormick, Sante Fe’s Bill Walkowski, South Point’s Tom Blazek and Won Park of the Wild Wild West all finished week with a win percentage of 75.

So through 6 weeks, here are the leaders:

Kitt Lanvad, Arizona Charlies West, last week 6-6, overall 55-34: TB WAS SD SEA HOU MIA DET OAK PIT DAL GB IND JAC and Best Bet is OAK

Mike Guernsey, Jokers Wild, last week 5-7, overall 54-35: TB WAS SD SEA TEN DEN DET OAK PIT DAL GB NO BAL and Best Bet is OAK

Aaron Kessler, Golden Nugget Laughlin, last week 7-5, overall 53-36: TB CAR SD CLE HOU DEN DET KC PIT DAL GB NO BAL and Best Bet is SD

Tara Martinez, (ßChick alert!) Imperial Palace, last week 7-5, overall 53-36: TB WAS NYJ CLE TEN MIA DET OAK ARI STL GB NO BAL and Best Bet is NO

This week all 4 Top Bookies differ from the consensus on one game. That is the matchup between The Atlanta Falcons and the Detroit Lions. The consensus has the Falcons, but the top 4 think that the Detroit Lions will cover the 4.5points.

There is a tie for the Best Bet pick this week with both Washington and Denver being selected 6 times. The top consensus pick is Green Bay with 48 out of 60 bookies taking the Pack.

Only a couple small line changes to consider this week. The bookies picked the Panthers with the line at 3.5 and that line has moved under the key number of 3 to 2.5. Also, the Bookies picked the Dolphins game at Miami-2.5 and that’s now a pick’em.