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On 10/21/2011 11:36 PM in NCAA Football

Got killed tonight!!

Took Rut& Wv then Rut to cover my ass for the 2nd half ...brutal Friday after a clean sweep yesterday

Big play on Arkansas -15 Bank it or call 911 on me because ill have to rob a bank

Lets Get it$$$$$$$$

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10/21/2011 11:41 PM

Did the same thing as you man. Rutgers had the win in three different situations and LITERALLY dropped the ball on each one.

I'm taking Wake Forest HARD tomorrow. They and Boise St have been my bread winners this year. Was up $5k in college, now down to $3,100 thanks to tonight.

R.I.P. Entourage. I shall miss you dearly. =[

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10/21/2011 11:57 PM

I think there's some college football players that are playing in the games & wagering on the games...

This is bullshit, Rutgers cleaned my fuckin account out for the 2nd time this week...

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10/21/2011 11:59 PM

#11 WVU (-14) gets slaughtered by un-ranked Syracuse!? By 26 fuckin points! That's a 40 point swing from the spread! What the fuck is going in NCAA football?!

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10/22/2011 12:01 AM

Damn, I've wiped out more than $3,000 worth of profits from the first (5) weeks in the NFL in ONE WEEK on college football & World Series bullshit...