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Cnotes 2014 NBA Preview of Divisions and Teams !

NBA Atlantic Division betting preview: Nets, Knicks and not much else

The Atlantic Division could be the softest group of teams in the NBA, which means plenty of pointspread value on a nightly basis. The Nets and Knicks look to be the class of the division but the Raptors could turn out to be a diamond in the rough.

Boston Celtics (2012-13: 41-40 SU, 36-42-3 ATS)

Odds To Win Division: +3300
Season Win Total: 27.5

Why Bet the Celtics: They have a new coach in Brad Stevens and eventually Rajon Rondo is going to return. In the early part of the season, there will be good value with the Celtics as they figure to be an underdog in most games. They have not won less than 30 games since the 2006-07 season.

Why Not To Bet the Celtics: The heart and soul was officially ripped out of this team with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett both being dealt to division rival Brooklyn. It remains to be seen how well Stevens can coach at this level. Boston is not Butler. Doc Rivers struggled here before "The Big 3" came to town. The team can’t shoot and Rondo's ACL is going to be a concern.

Season Win Total Pick: Over 27.5 wins

Brooklyn Nets (2012-13: 49-33 SU, 39-40-3 ATS)

Odds To Win Division: -200
Season Win Total: 52.5

Why Bet the Nets: With the additions of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, the Nets become the clear favorite to win the Atlantic Division, with the rival Knicks the lone roadblock. This was a team that finished fourth in the Eastern Conference last year and should be better in 2013-14. They won 49 games before all the additions last year.

Why Not To Bet the Nets: Is Jason Kidd, who has never been a coach in his life, really the right choice to lead this team? It's an old roster with Garnett, Pierce and Jason Terry coming aboard. If Kidd is smart (again, remains to be seen), he will rest his veterans down the stretch, saving them for the playoffs. Winning the division may not require 50 wins.

Season Win Total Pick: Under 52.5 Wins

New York Knicks (2012-13: 54-28 SU, 46-34-2 ATS)

Odds To Win Division: +175
Season Win Total: 49.5

Why Bet The Knicks: They won the Atlantic wire to wire last year, winning 50-plus games for the first time in a long time. Carmelo Anthony is still the best player in the division. There just aren't many teams on their level in the Eastern Conference and the division is weak. This is one of only five teams in the East that I can predict to have a winning record with full confidence.

Why Not To Bet The Knicks: I hate this roster. Why in the world would you give all that money to J.R. Smith and then trade for Andrea Bargnani? After a fast start to last season, they tailed off significantly and were completely outclassed in the playoff loss to Indiana. They don't play defense, which is the big difference between them and the top four teams in the conference.

Season Win Total Pick: Under 49.5 Wins.

Philadelphia 76ers (2012-13: 34-48 SU, 39-42-1 ATS)

Odds To Win Division: +6600
Season Win Total: 16.5

Why Bet The 76ers: Wow. I'm searching for reasons here. On a game-by-game basis, the Sixers will be getting plenty of points from the oddsmakers, often double digits. Looking at the season win total, it is five wins lower than any other team. I suppose that indicates some value. Every team in the league won at least 20 games last year and you'd have to go back to 2009-10 to find the last time a team won fewer than 15 in a non-lockout shortened season.

Why Not To Bet The 76ers: This is a total rebuild and the franchise isn't even attempting to hide the fact that they're tanking for next year's talent-rich draft. The Sixers didn't even bother hiring a head coach until August. This was the lowest-scoring team in the league last year and they traded away their best player, Jrue Holliday. The rookie they got in return, Nerlens Noel, may not be ready to play until Christmas. This is definitely the worst team in the NBA.

Season Win Total Pick: Under 16.5 Wins.

Toronto Raptors (2012-13: 34-48 SU, 41-40-1 ATS)

Odds To Win Division: +1400
Season Win Total: 36.5

Why Bet The Raptors: There are a lot of bad teams this year in the Eastern Conference and surprisingly the Raptors are better than most of them. This was a .500 team with Rudy Gay in the lineup and if Jonas Valanciunas continues to improve, then the Raptors will have themselves a nice young core of players with DeMar DeRozan, Kyle Lowry and Amir Johnson. They hired a smart GM away from Denver (Masai Ujiri).

Why Not to Bet The Raptors: It's still a young team not ready to make the leap. Even in a weak Eastern Conference, I would be surprised to see this be a playoff team.

Season Win Total Pick: Over 36.5 Wins

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LVH posts NBA Division Odds

October 7, 2013

2013-14 NBA Division Odds

The Las Vegas Hotel and Casino SuperBook recently released their NBA Division Odds for the upcoming 2013-14 season. Based on the below numbers, the oddsmakers at the LVH believe nothing will change in the Western Conference this season. The Spurs, Thunder and Clippers all captured their respective divisions last season and are expected to repeat.

The NBA defending champion Miami Heat are the biggest division favorite amongst the six groups, listed at 1/75 (Bet $7,500 to win $100) odds. Even though the Knicks and Pacers captured the Atlantic and Central respectively last season, the two teams are the second choices in their divisions this season. Brooklyn beefed up its roster via free agency and Chicago will have point guard Derrick Rose back in the lineup after missing all of last season.

Listed below are all of the NBA division Odds from the LVH SuperBook.

Atlantic Division
Brooklyn Nets 4/7
New York Knicks 3/2
Toronto Raptors 10/1
Boston Celtics 60/1
Philadelphia 76ers 500/1

2012-13 Winner: New York

Central Division
Chicago Bulls 5/7
Indiana Pacers 6/5
Detroit Pistons 18/1
Cleveland Cavaliers 20/1
Milwaukee Bucks 100/1

2012-13 Winner: Indiana

Southeast Division
Miami Heat 1/75
Washington Wizards 12/1
Atlanta Hawks 15/1
Orlando Magic 300/1
Charlotte Bobcats 300/1

2012-13 Winner: Miami

Southwest Division
San Antonio Spurs 11/10
Houston Rockets 3/2
Memphis Grizzlies 11/2
Dallas Mavericks 15/1
New Orleans Pelicans 20/1

2012-13 Winner: San Antonio

Northwest Division
Oklahoma City Thunder 1/6
Denver Nuggets 13/2
Minnesota Timberwolves 12/1
Portland Trail Blazers 15/1
Utah Jazz 100/1

2012-13 Winner: Oklahoma City

Pacific Division
Los Angeles Clippers 1/3
Golden State Warriors 9/5
Los Angeles Lakers 40/1
Sacramento Kings 75/1
Phoenix Suns 300/1

2012-13 Winner: Los Angeles Clippers

LVH House Rules



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NBA Central Division betting preview: Bulls, Pacers to fight for crown

The Chicago Bulls and the Indiana Pacers are the definitive leaders of the NBA's Central Division and with a healthy Derrick Rose, the Bulls look primed to approach 60 wins in 2013-14. A pair of young, up and coming teams - the Cleveland Cavs and Detroit Pistons - could compete for playoff positions. The Milwaukee Bucks, on the other hand, could be in store for a rough campaign.

Chicago Bulls (2012-13: 45-37 SU, 36-46 ATS)

Odds To Win Division: -150
Season Win Total: 56.5

Why Bet The Bulls: This team won 45 games a year ago and a playoff series, then were able to remain largely competitive with Miami despite being incredibly short-handed. Now, they get Derrick Rose back and promise to be even more formidable. Two years ago with Rose in the lineup, Chicago won 50 games (more than Miami), tying for a league-high in a lockout-shortened season. They won 62 games (most in the league) in 2010-11. Tom Thibodeau could be the best coach in the league.

Why Not To Bet The Bulls: Maybe Rose won't be the same player he was before? The division is tough. But seriously, I just don't see many reasons why this team won't be better in 2013-14 compared to last season, provided Rose is healthy. The win total is the third highest in the league though, and taking the Over would require nearly 60 wins, which is hard to do.

Season Win Total Pick: Over 56.5 wins.

Cleveland Cavaliers (2012-13: 24-58 SU, 39-41-2 ATS)

Odds To Win Division: +1400
Season Win Total: 40.5

Why Bet The Cavs: This is expected to be one of the league's most improved teams and I tend to agree. From a numbers perspective, they underperformed their Pythagorean win expectation a year ago. They also went out and signed Andrew Bynum, who if he plays will be a nice addition in the middle to go along side young Tristan Thompson. They also now have two No. 1 overall draft choices on the roster with Kyrie Irving (one of the league's 15 best players) and rookie Anthony Bennett. High-energy forward Anderson Varejao is also now healthy after missing much of last year with a blood clot. Hopefully, he can now return to being an active player off the bench.

Why Not To Bet The Cavs: Health. What if, like in Philadelphia last year, Bynum doesn't play? He is low-risk, high-reward on a one-year deal, but is currently projected to play only half the season. Irving has not been able to stay healthy in his two years in the league, missing a total of 38 out of a possible 146 games. I already mentioned Varejao, who also has had a problem staying healthy consistently, including missing 56 games last year. Though a defensive mastermind, I have my concerns over Mike Brown returning as the head coach.

Season Win Total Pick: Over 40.5 wins.

Detroit Pistons (2012-13: 29-53 SU, 40-41-1 ATS)

Odds To Win Division: +1800
Season Win Total: 41.0

Why Bet The Pistons: After the top five playoff spots in the Eastern Conference figure to go: Heat-Bulls-Pacers-Nets-Knicks, the final three spots are up for grabs. From my Cavs' season win total pick, you'd figure I have them grabbing one (and you'd be right!). I'll call for the Pistons to grab another as they too should be one of the most improved teams in the league. They will have one of the better front courts in the entire league (seriously!) with Andre Drummond, Josh Smith, Greg Monroe and Josh Harrellson. This is going to be a very trendy pick to go Over the season win total.

Why Not To Bet The Pistons: This team is young and has mostly unproven commodities. I'm not convinced they are going to shoot the ball very well as the free agent acquisitions of Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings could bring improvement, but a lot of headaches too. Smith was never able to make "the quantum leap" in Atlanta and this team reminds me a lot of those Hawks, which means good and not great.

Season Win Total Pick: Over 41 wins.

Indiana Pacers (2012-13: 49-32 SU, 42-39 ATS)

Odds To Win Division: +140
Season Win Total: 53.5

Why Bet The Pacers: Despite what looks like a very tough battle to repeat as Central Division Champs, the Pacers are a lock to finish in the Top 3 in the Eastern Conference from where I sit. Last year, they took Miami to a deciding 7th game in the Eastern Conference Finals and should only get better this season with a fine young nucleus of Roy Hibbert-George Hill-David West-Lance Stephenson-Paul George. George, in particular, appears to be ready to take the next step. Oh yeah, they also get a healthy Danny Granger back.

Why Not To Bet The Pacers: Honestly, the only reason is a lack of depth, though the return of a healthy Granger should help alleviate that. Last year saw five Pacers players start at least 72 games and that quintet was largely responsible for the bulk of the team's production on both ends of the floor. Their best reserve from last year, Tyler HanXXXough, is now in Toronto. Indiana's reserves were outscored by an average of 21.8 points per 48 minutes by the Heat in last year's Eastern Conference Finals

Season Win Total Pick: Over 53.5 wins

Milwaukee Bucks (2012-13: 38-44 SU, 37-45 ATS)

Odds To Win Division: +6600
Season Win Total: 28.5

Why Bet The Bucks: Searching...for....reasons. Well, I didn't really like their starting back court of Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings last year. They do have some depth (no star) and a good front court. I'm a big fan of shot-blocking machine Larry Sanders in particular.

Why Not To Bet the Bucks: With the Bulls and Pacers likely to battle for the Central Division crown and ending up around 60 wins, and the Cavs and Pistons figuring to be two of the more improved teams in the entire league, somebody has to lose games in this division and that figures to be the Bucks. They were a lucky playoff participant last year with only 38 wins and figure to be a lot worse this year minus their starting back court of Ellis and Jennings.

Season Win Total Pick: Under 28.5 wins.

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NBA 2013-14 Preview: Pacific Division


2012-13 SU record: 53-41 SU (56.4%), 10th in NBA
2012-13 ATS record: 51-42-1 ATS (54.8%), 8th in NBA
Odds to Win 2013-14 Pacific Division: 5-to-2
Odds to Win 2013-14 Western Conference: 13-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 NBA Championship: 25-to-1

STEPHEN CURRY is not only the NBA’s best shooter, but he has also become a great passer. Durability is the only question about him now . . . KLAY THOMPSON should take advantage of the many open looks he’ll get playing alongside Curry and Andre Iguodala . . . The Warriors lost Jarrett Jack and brought in TONEY DOUGLAS. While Douglas got his career on track in Houston last year, he’ll strictly be a second-unit guy as Iguodala erases the need for a second point guard . . . NEMANJA NEDOVIC is looking at a redshirt year, especially after an injury-filled summer. The Serbian combo guard should overtake Douglas eventually . . . There are few things in the world better than KENT BAZEMORE celebrating a Curry three.

ANDRE IGUODALA is a perfect fit in Oakland, where he can play point forward and set up the Warriors’ many shooters. He’s also a crafty cutter who should do some sweet things alongside Stephen Curry . . . DAVID LEE draws attention away from their shooters, which ensures him a significant role. But he kills this team with his awful defense . . . HARRISON BARNES may come off the bench more often, but the Warriors will frequently go small with Barnes stretching to the four, especially after Barnes’ impressive postseason showing . . . MARREESE SPEIGHTS steps into Carl Landry’s role as a low-post scorer off the bench . . . DRAYMOND GREEN had some trouble as a rookie. He’ll have to play his way into this rotation.

ANDREW BOGUT is injury-prone and will continue to be an afterthought on offense. They’ll have to rest him often during the regular season . . . Between Bogut and JERMAINE O’NEAL, they’re hoping at least one of them will be healthy at all times to protect the rim . . . FESTUS EZELI had major knee surgery and is unlikely to return in time for the Feats of Strength or the Airing of Grievances.

StatFox Take: Golden State burst onto the scene in the NBA playoffs last season, where Stephen Curry emerged as an elite talent in this league. In the offseason, the Warriors said goodbye to Jarrett Jack but welcomed in Andre Iguodala who gives them a top-tier talent on the defensive side of the ball as well as a quality finisher and deft passer. Golden State's odds to win the West are quite favorable, making the club a solid wager possessing the pieces to finish at the top of the conference.


2012-13 SU record: 58-30 SU (65.9%), 6th in NBA
2012-13 ATS record: 45-42-1 ATS (51.7%), 12th in NBA
Odds to Win 2013-14 Pacific Division: 7-to-25
Odds to Win 2013-14 Western Conference: 4-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 NBA Championship: 8-to-1

CHRIS PAUL is back with the Clippers, and this time with his handpicked head coach. Not that Doc Rivers will make a big difference though, as he’s just as uncreative an offensive tactician as Vinny Del Negro was . . . J.J. REDICK will do less ball-handling than he did in Orlando the first half of last season, but he should feast on the wide-open looks Paul creates for him . . . JAMAL CRAWFORD will once again be a Sixth Man of the Year candidate. He’s a pure gunner with some creativity to his game . . . DARREN COLLISON is strictly a back-up after a dreadful one-year stint in Dallas . . . WILLIE GREEN, a starter in name-only last year, may be squeezed out of the rotation.

BLAKE GRIFFIN deferred more often last season, especially as he continues to see more double teams. But he did show improvement as a passer . . . JARED DUDLEY steps into Caron Butler’s old role. He’ll set up for a lot of wide-open corner threes. His reputation as a quality defender is downright wrong . . . MATT BARNES will often close games due to his defense, and he’s coming off one of his best offensive seasons . . . Rookie REGGIE BULLOCK is the kind of spot-up shooter the Clips want to surround Paul with. If Bullock’s defense matches up with his athleticism, he could break this rotation . . . It’s tough to see how BYRON MULLENS fits on a team with postseason aspirations.

Though he’s the team’s only real rim protector, DEANDRE JORDAN will likely be in a part-time role again. He still can’t defend the pick-and-roll, and Rivers got by just fine without a shot-blocker in Boston . . . RYAN HOLLINS is little more than a big body with six fouls to give. Blake Griffin will often slide to the five on this team.

StatFox Take: The Clippers suffered another disappointing exit in the playoffs last season at the hands of the Grizzlies. In the offseason they moved Eric Bledsoe and got back two players ready to contribute in J.J Redick and Jared Dudley. They also hired Doc Rivers who was extremely unhappy in Boston after they decided to rebuild. If Chris Paul can stay healthy, he now has the pieces around him to compete for both a top seed in the West and an NBA Championship. A lot of that will also rest on the shoulders of Blake Griffin, who must show he has improved his all-around game. For a franchise with so little past success, the odds are way too low to get excited about wagering on this club.


2012-13 SU record: 45-41 SU (52.3%), 14th in NBA
2012-13 ATS record: 34-51-1 ATS (40.0%), T-28th in NBA
Odds to Win 2013-14 Pacific Division: 40-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 Western Conference: 35-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 NBA Championship: 75-to-1

KOBE BRYANT is 35 and coming off a ruptured Achilles. Even if he is ready for the season opener (as expected), Achilles injuries have drained the athleticism out of younger men . . . STEVE NASH enters the year healthy, but the training staff has discussed a minutes cap for the 39-year-old point guard . . . NICK YOUNG could grab that other starting wing spot, opposite his boyhood idol. How those two gunners could co-exist is something we’d love to see . . . STEVE BLAKE looked good in this offense last season, but is strictly a back-up . . . JODIE MEEKS might shoot his way into a much bigger role this season . . . XAVIER HENRY will need to prove a lot to earn himself minutes . . . What are you complaining about, Lakers fans? You got JORDAN FARMAR back!

PAU GASOL should benefit from the departure of Dwight Howard, who never bought into head coach Mike D’Antoni’s offense or even tried to mesh with Gasol. D’Antoni’s up-tempo, Euro-style system is perfectly suited to Gasol’s strengths. And when Nash sits, they can run a lot of sets through their big man . . . WESLEY JOHNSON will have a chance to grab the vacant small forward spot. The former No. 4 overall pick has been a big disappointment through three seasons, but he looked decent as a spot-up shooter last seasons . . . JORDAN HILL will be the first big man off the bench in a thin frontcourt rotation. He can rebound and clean up around the basket a bit . . . ELIAS HARRIS keeps the Gonzaga connection going . . . SHAWNE WILLIAMS has had success for D’Antoni, but he is far removed from his days contributing for the Knicks.

CHRIS KAMAN is the consolation prize after Dwight Howard’s departure. Yes, it’s a monstrous downgrade talent-wise, but as a skilled 7-footer, Kaman at least fits D’Antoni’s system better . . . ROBERT SACRE has a chance to develop into a useful back-up center.

StatFox Take: The Lakers lost Dwight Howard in the offseason and signed a bunch of players just to fill the roster as they attempt to open up cap space. Nick Young is going to step in and score from the wing, while Chris Kaman will slide next to Pau Gasol in the starting lineup. The Lakers will be a competitive team this season in nearly every game, but Kobe Bryant’s recovery from a torn Achilles will prevent them from making any serious noise in the Western Conference standings. Despite the tantalizingly long odds, they are nowhere near talented enough to make a run at a championship even if they somehow sneak into the playoffs.


2012-13 SU record: 25-57 SU (30.5%), 27th in NBA
2012-13 ATS record: 32-48-2 ATS (40.0%), T-28th in NBA
Odds to Win 2013-14 Pacific Division: 500-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 Western Conference: 250-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 NBA Championship: 500-to-1

ERIC BLEDSOE immediately becomes the Suns’ best player. He dominated for stretches while backing up Chris Paul . . . GORAN DRAGIC and Bledsoe will play together since they’re the two best players on this team. Dragic also has enough size to match up with most twos . . . After a disappointing stint as a starter, SHANNON BROWN will return to the second unit . . . KENDALL MARSHALL doesn’t fit new coach Jeff Hornacek’s up-tempo style. The Suns will move him if they can . . . ARCHIE GOODWIN looked lost at times at Kentucky, but his ability to get to the line bodes well for his NBA future . . . GERALD GREEN is the kind of athlete who could make an impact on an up-tempo second unit . . . MALCOLM LEE is here in case Marshall is dealt.

MARKIEFF MORRIS has some upside as a skilled stretch four. He’s shown flashes over his first two seasons, and playing in Honracek’s up-tempo system should only help him take the next step forward . . . MARCUS MORRIS is still a man without a position, a tweener in a bad way. The Suns will try to make him into an effective second-unit guy . . . CHANNING FRYE missed all of last season with a heart ailment, and the Suns don’t seem to be expecting to get anything from him this season.

MARCIN GORTAT will keep the seat warm for Alex Len. He doesn’t fit this up-and-down offense . . . ALEX LEN must become more assertive and the bust factor is high, but 7-footers with his mobility and touch don’t come around often . . . MILES PLUMLEE could get minutes as a defensive specialist after making just 5-of-21 FG as a rookie.

StatFox Take: The Suns made a big move acquiring the highly-coveted Eric Bledsoe, but they are still nowhere near competing in the West. Their two best players are ball-dominant guards and they lack a true scoring presence. Alex Len is their long-term project who won’t contribute much to this team immediately, and Marcin Gortat is good, but will be seen more as a trade commodity than a true talent to build a franchise around. The Suns are lottery bound this year and aren’t a good pick to win anything, as evidenced by their 500-to-1 odds to win the division.


2012-13 SU record: 28-54 SU (34.1%), 25th in NBA
2012-13 ATS record: 38-42-2 ATS (47.5%), T-21st in NBA
Odds to Win 2013-14 Pacific Division: 75-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 Western Conference: 90-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 NBA Championship: 200-to-1

GREIVIS VASQUEZ seems to have the edge in the point guard battle. He’s a pass-first floor general who fits better in a lineup full of chuckers . . . ISAIAH THOMAS will have a major role whether he starts or not. He can score, and while his lack of size is a defensive liability, he makes up for it with harassing on-ball pressure . . . MARCUS THORNTON will eventually be relegated to a smaller role, but the gunning combo guard will get his minutes until Ben McLemore is ready . . . BEN MCLEMORE takes a lot of heat for his lack of assertiveness, but he can knock down corner threes and is an outstanding athlete, which is enough to make him a fine role player . . . JIMMER FREDETTE is kicking around as trade bait . . . Second-rounder RAY MCCALLUM should earn a bench role.

With his potential to be a solid defender, JASON THOMPSON is likely to retain his starting job. He’s an afterthought on offense, though . . . LUC RICHARD MBAH A MOUTE seems like a natural to slide into the starting lineup. He can defend multiple spots and doesn’t need touches on a team of players who do . . . CARL LANDRY could unseat Thompson. We see him in the same kind of bench role he had in Golden State. He’s very good offensively and a relentless rebounder, but will struggle defensively against top-line forwards . . . JOHN SALMONS avoided the amnesty axe, though his role will likely be reduced again . . . Stretch four PATRICK PATTERSON is on the fringe of this rotation . . . Streaky shooting should have TRAVIS OUTLAW in and out of the rotation.

The new regime of head coach Michael Malone will try again with DEMARCUS COUSINS, who continues to show flashes of dominance but too often plays and acts like a head case. He’s playing for a contract, which would presumably have him on his best behavior . . . CHUCK HAYES will continue to be a second-unit glue guy at the four and five.

StatFox Take: Tyreke Evans is out of Sacramento, and in comes Greivis Vasquez to take over the point, Ben McLemore on the wing and Carl Landry to hit the glass off the bench. The Kings are finally starting to get rid of some of their shoot-first players for guys who fit into a team concept, and that will come a long way in their efforts to become a playoff team once again. But they are still at least a couple of years and a couple of players away from lasting until June.

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NBA 2013-14 Preview: Central Division


2012-13 SU record: 50-44 SU (53.2%), 12th in NBA
2012-13 ATS record: 41-52-1 ATS (44.1%), 26th in NBA
Odds to Win 2013-14 Central Division: 83-to-100
Odds to Win 2013-14 Eastern Conference: 9-to-2
Odds to Win 2013-14 NBA Championship: 10-to-1

After playing it very safe and sitting out all of last spring, DERRICK ROSE should pretty much be his old self. Of course, he’ll have to knock some rust off early in the year . . . JIMMY BUTLER was an iron man during last year’s playoffs, and his role will only grow this season. His defense and energy, as well as ability to get to the line, could make Luol Deng expendable . . . MIKE DUNLEAVY is in line for the sixth man role, primarily as a long-range threat . . . With Rose’s return, KIRK HINRICH slides back to the bench. His playing time will be especially limited with Dunleavy taking up minutes at the two . . . MARQUIS TEAGUE will continue to be used only in garbage time unless Hinrich ends up getting hurt or traded.

LUOL DENG is back on the trading block, as the Bulls learned life isn’t so bad without him now that Jimmy Butler has emerged. His offensive role could be slightly reduced . . . CARLOS BOOZER will likely be amnestied next summer, so for all intents and purposes this is a contract year. He’s likely to still be a disaster defensively, which means he’s a part-time player under defensive-minded head coach Tom Thibodeau . . . TAJ GIBSON will finish games and likely take over Boozer’s spot a year from now. He’s a superior defender and, while he doesn’t have Boozer’s range, he’s a capable finisher around the rim . . . Rookie TONY SNELL is a Thibodeau kind of player, a long-armed, athletic perimeter defender. He’s unlikely to ever do much on offense though.

JOAKIM NOAH may be consistently banged up, but he’s capable of playing through the pain. Depending on the Bulls’ playoff position, he might sit some games late in the year, but Thibodeau isn’t shy about playing him 35 minutes per night . . . NAZR MOHAMMED is back as a designated screener on offense and hacker on defense.

StatFox Take: Derrick Rose never saw the floor last season as he hadn't fully recovered from a torn ACL. But all sides point to him being fully healthy come opening night on Oct. 29 in Miami. The Bulls made the playoffs without Rose and added Mike Dunleavy, who can provide some much needed offense off the bench. Miami ran away with the Eastern Conference last season, but with Rose back, they have a legitimate shot to reclaim the spot atop the East standings.


2012-13 SU record: 24-58 SU (29.3%), 28th in NBA
2012-13 ATS record: 40-41-1 ATS (49.4%), T-17th in NBA
Odds to Win 2013-14 Central Division: 18-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 Eastern Conference: 50-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 NBA Championship: 100-to-1

There are some durability concerns, but KYRIE IRVING is on the verge of stardom. He should benefit from the arrival of Anthony Bennett, the kind of pick-and-roll weapon Cleveland has lacked . . . DION WAITERS is still a work-in-progress defensively, and this will likely be another developmental year. He might end up settling in as the leader of the second unit . . . JARRETT JACK seems likely to close out games, even if he doesn’t technically start. He’s a creative shot-maker who will play close to starter’s minutes . . . C.J. MILES is more of a situational three-point threat. SERGEY KARASEV, a polished Euro import, could push him for that role . . . CARRICK FELIX doesn’t figure to crack this rotation.

No. 1 overall pick ANTHONY BENNETT will see time at both forward spots, and he’ll be a pick-and-pop weapon no matter where he’s playing. The question is whether he’ll defend well enough to stay on the court for 30 minutes . . . There should also be enough minutes for TRISTAN THOMPSON, who hasn’t quite put it together. The 22-year-old has upside though, and is a bigger part of Cleveland’s future than Anderson Varejao . . . EARL CLARK gives the Cavs a quality second unit player who can play extended minutes if Bennett is overmatched defensively . . . A starter last year, ALONZO GEE figures to be a second-unit glue guy, but might be looking at a lot of DNP-CDs.

ANDERSON VAREJAO is once again healthy and once again trade bait. No matter what the starting lineup looks like, he’ll play major minutes at the four and five . . . The Cavs are taking a flier on ANDREW BYNUM. With his knee problems, it’d be surprising if he could give them 20-plus good minutes per night . . . TYLER ZELLER is likely the odd man out until Varejao is dealt or Bynum gets injured.

StatFox Take: Cleveland stole the No.1 draft pick with the NBA’s flawed lottery system and now appears to be heading towards a playoff berth. Kyrie Irving is set to become one of basketball’s elite point guards and he now has a talented supporting cast to help him win games. Anthony Bennett, the first pick in the draft, was a surprising choice for the Cavaliers but he is an absolute force on offense and should be a mismatch nightmare right out of the gate.


2012-13 SU record: 29-53 SU (35.4%), T-23rd in NBA
2012-13 ATS record: 41-41 ATS (50.0%), 15th in NBA
Odds to Win 2013-14 Central Division: 20-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 Eastern Conference: 100-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 NBA Championship: 100-to-1

BRANDON JENNINGS got a three-year deal to prove himself as a capable point guard, not just a flashy scorer. He’ll have plenty of talent surrounding him in Detroit . . . RODNEY STUCKEY is in a contract year and has plenty of motivation. The question is whether his decision-making will ever allow him to play full-time . . . CHAUNCEY BILLUPS could beat out Stuckey for the two-guard role. He can play both backcourt spots and should see plenty of minutes . . . KENTAVIOUS CALDWELL-POPE scored through a lot of double-teams in college. We’ll see if the late-bloomer is able to be as effective against NBA athletes. With the depth in Detroit, he’s looking at strictly second-unit minutes this year . . . WILL BYNUM is locked into a second-unit spot.

JOSH SMITH is Detroit’s new alpha dog. Offensively, he’s a boom-or-bust player now that he’ll spend more time on the perimeter . . . KYLE SINGLER was a steadying presence last year, and with his ability to play multiple spots, he should continue to get solid minutes off the bench . . . Italian League MVP LUIGI DATOME gives them a Swiss army knife type off the bench . . . It’s back to square one for JONAS JEREBKO, who fell out of favor under Lawrence Frank. He has the kind of positional flexibility and versatility GM Joe Dumars has talked up, but he’ll have to earn second-unit minutes . . . Second-rounder TONY MITCHELL is an NBA athlete who can break this rotation if the effort is there . . . CHARLIE VILLANUEVA gets paid a lot of money to do very little.

GREG MONROE will give up some touches with Josh Smith coming in, but being surrounded by athletes like Smith and Andre Drummond will cover up his defensive flaws . . . ANDRE DRUMMOND will log close to full-time minutes with Monroe playing primarily the four. His offensive game may never come, but he’s a defensive and rebounding monster. JOSH HARRELLSON will be a fan favorite who plays hard in the rare occasions he sees the floor.

StatFox Take: After signing Josh Smith and trading for Brandon Jennings, there is no doubt the Pistons are a more talented team. The question however lies in how these players will mesh. There are a lot of characters on this team now, but this is nothing that new head coach Maurice Cheeks hasn’t seen before. The experienced Cheeks has his work cut out for him to put this Detroit team back in the playoffs, but the overall skill is there.


2012-13 SU record: 60-40 SU (60.0%), 8th in NBA
2012-13 ATS record: 54-46 ATS (54.0%), 9th in NBA
Odds to Win 2013-14 Central Division: 13-to-10
Odds to Win 2013-14 Eastern Conference: 13-to-2
Odds to Win 2013-14 NBA Championship: 14-to-1

GEORGE HILL is less of a creator and more of a game-manager/scorer, which fits fine in this starting five . . . LANCE STEPHENSON continues to be an enigma. His speed pushing the ball in transition is an asset, but his terrible shooting and bizarre decision-making often makes him a liability in the half court . . . C.J. WATSON has proven to be a capable second-unit point guard, but he’s on his third team in three years because he’s managed to give away two playoff games with monumentally bad moments . . . ORLANDO JOHNSON is unlikely to see meaningful minutes, but his role should grow slightly now that Gerald Green is gone.

This is PAUL GEORGE’S team. Once a do-it-all role player, he’s now polished enough to create his own offense . . . As expected, DAVID WEST bounced back in his second season off a torn ACL. He’s still deadly as a mid-range shooter, a savvy passer and a strong rebounder . . . LUIS SCOLA slides into Tyler Hansbrough’s old role as a second-unit banger, and insurance for West and Roy Hibbert . . . DANNY GRANGER is in no-man’s land. He’s not better than Paul George, and probably no longer an upgrade over Lance Stephenson. His best asset may be his expiring deal . . . CHRIS COPELAND can’t defend, but gives the Pacers a three-point threat . . . SOLOMON HILL doesn’t figure to contribute this season.

ROY HIBBERT proved capable of handling more minutes last season, but Indy will likely still be cautious with their asthmatic 7-foot-2 center during the regular season . . . IAN MAHINMI is back to give his six fouls and move some bodies out of the paint.

StatFox Take: The Pacers got to the Eastern Conference Finals last season but came up short of reaching their ultimate goal at the hands of the Miami Heat. This season they’ll get back Danny Granger who, if healthy, provides another scorer capable of taking over games with his shooting ability. Indiana also made another sneaky good move this offseason by swapping out Tyler Hansbrough for Luis Scola. Although he's 33 years old, Scola is a hard-nosed player who fits the theme of this Pacers team. If Paul George can remain consistent, the Pacers are a real threat to win the East.


2012-13 SU record: 38-48 SU (44.2%), 18th in NBA
2012-13 ATS record: 37-48-1 ATS (43.5%), 27th in NBA
Odds to Win 2013-14 Central Division: 100-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 Eastern Conference: 60-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 NBA Championship: 125-to-1

BRANDON KNIGHT slides into Brandon Jennings’ point guard slot, but he’s a much different player. Knight hasn’t proven capable of running the point, and may eventually settle in as an undersized shooter . . . O.J. MAYO will be the focal point of this offense. He should build on his career-best year in Dallas . . . GARY NEAL will give them some instant offense as a sixth man . . . LUKE RIDNOUR provides Knight insurance, and the ability to play either guard spot. He should fit nicely alongside Mayo for stretches . . . KHRIS MIDDLETON could crack the rotation as a capable defender with upside as a shooter . . . Second-rounder NATE WOLTERS must knock down jumpers if he’s going to get off the bench.

ERSAN ILYASOVA will once again have to earn his starter’s minutes, as the Bucks have loaded up on quality frontcourt depth. He provides more offense than anyone else on the front line . . . CARON BUTLER should start at small forward for this team after freeing himself before ever having to play in Phoenix . . . CARLOS DELFINO will play a key role scoring off the bench. He’s a streaky long-range gunner, but defends well enough to stay on the court . . . JOHN HENSON is on the verge of a breakout as an elite rebounder and shot-blocker. He’s still a bit behind offensively, which could hold him back in a crowded post rotation . . . GIANNIS ANTETOKOUNMPO was the most intriguing project in a weak draft, but the teenager is nowhere near ready for NBA action. He’ll likely see time in the D-League until the second half of the season.

We’ve loved LARRY SANDERS for years, and last year showed why. He’s a Defensive POY candidate with a budding offensive game . . . ZAZA PACHULIA reunites with head coach Larry Drew as muscle off the bench . . . EKPE UDOH is likely on the outside looking in for this rotation.

StatFox Take: The Bucks had a mess of a backcourt last year with Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis, two players who were only concerned with getting their own shots up. They now got a little bit younger, but they are still too much of a longshot to earn a playoff berth in the East. This Bucks team is good enough to stay competitive, but they either need to rebuild or build themselves a winner fast.

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NBA 2013-14 Preview: Southeast Division


2012-13 SU record: 46-42 SU (52.3%), T-14th in NBA
2012-13 ATS record: 39-47-2 ATS (45.3%), 23rd in NBA
Odds to Win 2013-14 Southeast Division: 20-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 Eastern Conference: 90-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 NBA Championship: 200-to-1

It was a rocky offseason for JEFF TEAGUE, who looked like a goner at one point. Instead, he’ll be the focal point of Atlanta’s offense . . . Coming off a torn ACL, resident gunner LOUIS WILLIAMS is a question mark entering the season, especially as a guy who relied so much on quickness and explosiveness. He may not be right again until 2014-15 . . . JOHN JENKINS was rock solid as a rookie and should see a bump in playing time with DeShawn Stevenson gone. Jenkins is a legit shooter who can hold his own defensively . . . Rookie DENNIS SCHRODER is a year or two away from consistent minutes, but the penniless man’s Rajon Rondo comparisons aren’t off . . . JARED CUNNINGHAM is a middling talent destined for a minor role.

PAUL MILLSAP was lost in the shuffle in Utah last year, but he’ll be a significant part of this offense in Atlanta. He’s a well-rounded power forward and may prove to be a better fit than Josh Smith was for the Hawks . . . KYLE KORVER is coming off a huge year and will play major minutes at both wing spots again . . . A shadow of his former self, ELTON BRAND will rotate in at power forward and center . . . This generation’s junkyard dog, DEMARRE CARROLL gives Atlanta some defensive options on the wing and energy off the bench. Outside of some transition baskets, he’s a non-factor on offense . . . Euro veteran PERO ANTIC is a finesse stretch four who provides frontcourt depth.

After playing a lot of power forward alongside Zaza Pachulia last year, AL HORFORD will spend most of this season at center. With Josh Smith gone, he’s poised to have his biggest offensive numbers ever . . . GUSTAVO AYON has proven capable of eating up some space on the second unit. He’ll be the second big off the bench after Elton Brand.

StatFox Take: Atlanta has undergone a complete transformation over the last two years and now the team is in Jeff Teague’s hands. New head coach, Mike Budenholzer, will try to implement the style he learned under Gregg Popovich in San Antonio. Newcomer Paul Millsap adds an element of toughness inside next to Al Horford that opposing teams will fear. Atlanta will compete for a lower playoff spot in the East.


2012-13 SU record: 21-61 SU (25.6%), 29th in NBA
2012-13 ATS record: 30-51-1 ATS (37.0%), Last in NBA
Odds to Win 2013-14 Southeast Division: 500-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 Eastern Conference: 350-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 NBA Championship: 650-to-1

KEMBA WALKER has become a more efficient scorer as well as a capable distributor. He’ll sacrifice some shots with Al Jefferson coming in, but he should have more space with which to operate. Down the line, he could mesh nicely with pick-and-pop four Cody Zeller . . . GERALD HENDERSON transformed from a raw athlete into an effective, efficient scorer in the second half of last season. He should be the No. 2 or 3 option this year . . . RAMON SESSIONS is locked in as a sixth man. He’s not a shooter, but his ability to get to the line makes him an effective second-unit scorer . . . BEN GORDON seems to be going through the motions at this point. His real value this season is his enormous expiring contract.

MICHAEL KIDD-GILCHRIST is going to be a quality NBA player for a long time, but he’s not close to being a major factor offensively. He’ll continue to defend and rebound effectively for a wing, but he’s a No. 4 or 5 option on the offensive end of the court . . . JOSH MCROBERTS proved good enough to be a rotational player on a bad team last year. He has a chance to start early on while the Bobcats bring some young guys along . . . CODY ZELLER struggled against length and athleticism in college, so it seems the ’Cats think he can be more of a stretch, pick-and-pop four. If he proves to be a shooter, he’s athletic enough and a good enough rebounder to be a solid NBA starter . . . JEFFERY TAYLOR is a forgettable second-unit player who can defend a couple of positions. ANTHONY TOLLIVER won’t see the floor much, but he can stretch the floor with his shooting ability.

We’ll see how the Bobcats mesh with AL JEFFERSON, the NBA’s worst defensive big man and a lane-clogging black hole on offense. He can score, and at (an incredible) $40 million-plus, Charlotte will run everything through him . . . BISMACK BIYOMBO will play some alongside Jefferson, as the Bobcats desperately need to cancel out Jefferson’s defense. But the young big man figures to be used more sparingly this year . . . BRENDAN HAYWOOD is still kicking around.

StatFox Take: The Bobcats have spent the last couple of seasons at the bottom of the NBA standings and while they may not be a playoff team quite yet, they are making improvements. Al Jefferson is one of the premier post scorers in the NBA and he, along with rookie Cody Zeller, actually give the Bobcats a balanced starting five. If their young guys make some steady progressions, they could be a playoff team soon.


2012-13 SU record: 82-23 SU (78.1%), 1st in NBA
2012-13 ATS record: 58-47 ATS (55.2%), 7th in NBA
Odds to Win 2013-14 Southeast Division: 1-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 Eastern Conference: 6-to-5
Odds to Win 2013-14 NBA Championship: 13-to-5

DWYANE WADE will continue to take a smaller role during the regular season, as the Heat try desperately to keep him fresh for the playoffs. He’s attacking the rim far less than he used to . . . MARIO CHALMERS will continue to start, playing off the ball more than any other point guard . . . RAY ALLEN will once again serve as sixth man, providing long-range shooting off the bench. He didn’t start a single game last year, and at age 38, he’ll rarely play full-time minutes as Miami looks toward the postseason . . . NORRIS COLE continues to inch up on Chalmers’ starting role, improving nicely between his first and second seasons. But as long as Chalmers is the superior shooter, Cole will play behind him.

LEBRON JAMES is the best player in the league by a wide margin. There’s no reason he shouldn’t win his third straight MVP award . . . SHANE BATTIER is back as a glue guy, flopper and corner-three shooter. He’ll play part-time minutes, often coming off the bench . . . UDONIS HASLEM will likely start, but he rarely stays on the floor for even half of a game. The Heat will continue to rotate big men alongside Chris Bosh . . . MICHAEL BEASLEY provides this team with an athlete who can put the ball in the basket coming off the bench. He must prove he can stay focused and out of trouble . . . RASHARD LEWIS may step into a slightly bigger role now that Mike Miller is gone. His troublesome knees won’t allow him to play a lot of minutes, but he still shoots it well enough to help for a few minutes a night . . . JAMES JONES might have to do more than enjoy a courtside seat now that Miller is gone.

CHRIS BOSH plays center in the Heat’s small-ball lineup. He’ll do his thing in the high post, and he’s one of Miami’s rotating rim protectors . . . CHRIS ANDERSEN did enough last postseason to earn a part-time role this year . . . The Heat hope GREG ODEN and Birdman will stagger their injuries. Oden should be part of a rotation alongside Bosh . . . JOEL ANTHONY is a half-step above team mascot.

StatFox Take: Last year’s champs are the favorites to repeat this season as they only lost Mike Miller from their winning team. Michael Beasley adds bench scoring and Greg Oden, if he can stay healthy, will provide another element for the Heat who lack rim protectors. LeBron James is going to be right in the thick of things to win the MVP again and the Heat look destined for another NBA championship.


2012-13 SU record: 20-62 SU (24.4%), Last in NBA
2012-13 ATS record: 36-45-1 ATS (44.4%), 24th in NBA
Odds to Win 2013-14 Southeast Division: 500-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 Eastern Conference: 350-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 NBA Championship: 650-to-1

JAMEER NELSON will be trade bait all year, as the Magic have no interest in picking up his option after the season . . . ARRON AFFLALO is also on the trade block, and has more on-the-court value than Nelson . . . The Magic will find starter’s minutes for rookie VICTOR OLADIPO somehow, at the expense of Afflalo, Nelson (if Oladipo proves capable of handling the point later this year) or both. He’s the future in this backcourt . . . E’TWAUN MOORE is back mostly because he’s a cheap option at back-up point guard. He’s still a fringe NBA player . . . RONNIE PRICE is lucky to have a roster spot anywhere after a brutal year in Portland . . . Second-year man DORON LAMB will have a chance to prove himself as a second-unit scorer.

MAURICE HARKLESS has nice upside, and Orlando will find him more opportunities on offense. He reportedly added weight in an effort to be able to attack the rim more effectively . . . TOBIAS HARRIS is a disaster defensively, but after arriving in Orlando he showed the kind of versatile offensive skill set this team lacks. Expect him to win the starting job at the four . . . GLEN DAVIS will battle Harris for minutes, but as A 27-year-old, injury-prone player, he’s more likely to be phased out by the rebuilding Magic . . . JASON MAXIELL will provide some physicality at the four and five . . . ANDREW NICHOLSON is still a work-in-progress, but is showing flashes of becoming an effective stretch four.

NIKOLA VUCEVIC is a cornerstone in the Magic’s rebuilding project. He’s not terribly skilled or athletic, but he’s a high-energy rebounder who has the touch to get plenty of baskets cleaning up garbage . . . KYLE O’QUINN had some nice moments in meaningless games late last year. The second-year pro might be able to hang on for a few more seasons as a back-up center.

StatFox Take: The Magic are a long way away from where they want to be, but they are slowly making improvements. Victor Oladipo has the makings of a very good player in this league and they have a few nice pieces inside with Nikola Vucevic and combo forwards, Maurice Harkless and Tobias Harris. The Magic will be in the lottery again this year, but with a few more pieces in the draft and free agency, they could be a playoff team in the next couple of years.


2012-13 SU record: 29-53 SU (35.4%), T-23rd in NBA
2012-13 ATS record: 46-35-1 ATS (56.8%), 3rd in NBA
Odds to Win 2013-14 Southeast Division: 15-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 Eastern Conference: 65-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 NBA Championship: 125-to-1

Late last year, JOHN WALL finally started to fulfill his promising talent. He got wherever he wanted on the court, and the Wizards were very tough to guard with all the shooters surrounding him . . . BRADLEY BEAL and Wall should mesh beautifully. Beal is a potentially elite shooter, and he rebounds very well for a guard . . . ERIC MAYNOR is fully healthy again after tearing his ACL two seasons ago. He can play some alongside Wall, but mostly he’ll be the league’s best back-up point guard again . . . GLEN RICE JR. doesn’t shoot it nearly as well as his father, but he’s an athlete who could break into the rotation down the line . . . GARRETT TEMPLE is insurance in case Wall or Maynor goes down.

The Wizards need NENÊ’S low post offense. It seems inevitable that they’ll have to cap his minutes . . . OTTO PORTER is likely to step into the starting lineup early on. They need his defense, as he can guard twos through fours . . . MARTELL WEBSTER will platoon with Porter, providing another outstanding shooter for Wall to feed . . . TREVOR ARIZA is playing out the string on an untradeable deal . . . TREVOR BOOKER has some use as a screener and low-post banger, but not much else . . . AL HARRINGTON may be inefficient, but he can score points in a hurry and is a decent defender…JAN VESELY is still trying to figure out the NBA, though it’s too early to give up on his athleticism . . . CHRIS SINGLETON can defend, but he’s no more than a garbage-time player due to his atrocious offense.

EMEKA OKAFOR may be absurdly overpaid, but he’s settled in as a passable starter who helps defensively and doesn’t hurt on offense. He’ll also miss the beginning of the season with a herniated disc . . . With Okafor’s deal expiring at the end of the year, KEVIN SERAPHIN is auditioning to be Washington’s center of the future. After showing promise two seasons ago, he was a disaster last season.

StatFox Take: The Wizards ended up in the lottery yet again and were able to scoop up Otto Porter, who is a perfect fit at small forward. Washington now has a nice foundation and if John Wall can make a big leap, and all signs point to him doing so, this team is going to be very much in the chase for a playoff spot. The Wizards were insanely competitive last season, evidenced by the third-best ATS record (46-35-1, 57%) in the NBA, but this is the year they must start to win their close games and get back to at least .500.

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NBA 2013-14 Preview: Northwest Division


2012-13 SU record: 59-29 SU (67.0%), 4th in NBA
2012-13 ATS record: 49-39 ATS (55.7%), 6th in NBA
Odds to Win 2013-14 Northwest Division: 6-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 Western Conference: 22-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 NBA Championship: 40-to-1

TY LAWSON is turning into something of a one-man army as the roster around him crumbles. As good as he is as a quick playmaker who can knock down an open three, his supporting cast is lacking . . . EVAN FOURNIER is better than RANDY FOYE now, and he’s certainly a bigger part of Denver’s future. Fournier proved surprisingly ready for the NBA last season. While Foye brings more scoring power to a team that suddenly lacks offense, he’s both inefficient and one-dimensional . . . NATE ROBINSON will provide instant offense and lead the second unit . . . ANDRE MILLER will lose a few minutes this year, but the 37-year-old still has good basketball left.

Coming off a late-season ACL tear, DANILO GALLINARI will be lucky to make it back by December . . . KENNETH FARIED will likely never develop into anything more than an energy guy and high-volume rebounder, but he’s good at what he does . . . WILSON CHANDLER can shoot and defend multiple positions. With Gallinari a question mark, he could be in for a much bigger role this year . . . DARRELL ARTHUR is an interesting second-unit player. He’s an athlete who was starting to show some skill in Memphis before getting hurt . . . Gunning wingman JORDAN HAMILTON may get a longer look in the second half of the season . . . QUINCY MILLER is likely ticketed for more D-League action . . . ANTHONY RANDOLPH is a lost cause.

The time has arrived for JAVALE MCGEE. The front office wants him on the floor full-time. For all the knucklehead plays, he’s still an incredible athlete in a massive 7-foot frame . . . Talk of J.J. HICKSON potentially starting is absurd. A brutal defender unable to play within the flow of an offense, he’s a second-unit talent . . . TIMOFEY MOZGOV is Plan B behind McGee. The 7-footer can defend and set screens.

StatFox Take: While the Nuggets are still a long shot to win the NBA championship, their success on their home court gives them a chance to surprise people out West and steal the conference. Last season they were 38-3 at home and with some improvements on the road under new head coach Brian Shaw, maybe they will have home-court locked up throughout the playoffs when that time comes around.


2012-13 SU record: 31-51 SU (37.8%), 22nd in NBA
2012-13 ATS record: 38-42-2 ATS (47.5%), T-21st in NBA
Odds to Win 2013-14 Northwest Division: 10-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 Western Conference: 50-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 NBA Championship: 100-to-1

Unlike last year, RICKY RUBIO should be 100 percent healthy for all of this season. He’s one of the NBA’s most creative playmakers. Now if only he could make a jump shot . . . KEVIN MARTIN has become much more of a catch-and-shoot player after years of attacking the basket and living at the line. He is coming off his best year shooting the ball . . . If the Wolves don’t move J.J. BAREA, they’ll have him in the sixth man role they initially envisioned before injuries destroyed the roster a year ago . . . ALEXEY SHVED did a nice job holding down this backcourt as a rookie last year, but he’s a second-unit talent, which is the role he’ll be in this season.

KEVIN LOVE should bounce back completely this season, as his hand injury is unlikely to linger. Lock him into the All-Star game . . . CHASE BUDINGER never got a chance to get going last season, but he’s exactly the kind of spot-up shooter and savvy cutter who should thrive alongside Ricky Rubio. Unfortunately, he is sidelined with a knee injury for several months . . . COREY BREWER gives the Timberwolves a defensive specialist to platoon with Budinger. Someone has to convince him he can’t shoot, though . . . With Love back, DERRICK WILLIAMS returns to the bench as a seemingly never-ending project . . . SHABAZZ MUHAMMAD seems like a low-risk, but low-reward, second-unit scorer . . . DANTE CUNNINGHAM will back up both post spots. He figures to play sparingly unless injuries hit.

NIKOLA PEKOVIC signed a $60M deal in August to return to the team and hold down the low post. He’s an absolute beast on the offensive boards . . . GORGUI DIENG seems ready to help off the bench. He’s a bit limited athletically and on offense, but can block shots . . . RONNY TURIAF will battle Dieng for bench minutes.

StatFox Take: The Timberwolves have some nice pieces, but they are still missing a dominant scorer and the athletic defenders necessary to finish atop the Western Conference. With first-round pick Shabazz Muhammad possibly heading towards the D-League, this is clearly a team in rebuilding mode, even with a healthy Kevin Love returning.


2012-13 SU record: 65-28 SU (69.9%), 3rd in NBA
2012-13 ATS record: 51-40-2 ATS (56.0%), 4th in NBA
Odds to Win 2013-14 Northwest Division: 1-to-4
Odds to Win 2013-14 Western Conference: 11-to-4
Odds to Win 2013-14 NBA Championship: 7-to-1

RUSSELL WESTBROOK is going to likely miss the first 4-to-6 weeks of the regular season after getting another procedure done on Oct. 1 to reduce swelling on his knee. It will probably take him some time to get rid of the rust of not playing all summer . . . THABO SEFOLOSHA should play even more minutes this season with Kevin Martin gone. He has added a three-point shot to his repertoire . . . REGGIE JACKSON could end up absorbing a lot of the minutes that went to James Harden two years ago and Martin last season. But he’s nowhere near the offensive threat . . . JEREMY LAMB will push Jackson for that sixth-man role. He’s dominated against lesser competition . . . DEREK FISHER will get minutes as a player/coach.

KEVIN DURANT may have to take on an even bigger role in the regular season as the Thunder try to replace Kevin Martin’s offensive production. Either way, he’s the MVP among the league’s non-LeBrons . . . SERGE IBAKA has had his postseason issues and still struggles defensively outside of rim protection, but he has added value with his mid-range shooting . . . NICK COLLISON’s biggest skill is his ability to take charges. He’ll continue to log big minutes at the four and five as a glue guy . . . One of two very raw young players, PERRY JONES III and ANDRE ROBERSON, has a chance for playing time on a thin team.

KENDRICK PERKINS was a disaster in last year’s postseason, but still provides the kind of low-post muscle the Thunder look for . . . Rookie STEVEN ADAMS could take over for Perkins down the road, but he’s too raw to make an impact this year . . . HASHEEM THABEET fills out the final roster spot.

StatFox Take: With Russell Westbrook missing time at the beginning of the season, it’s tough to see Oklahoma City winning the Western Conference again like it did last regular season. But come playoff time, the Thunder have a great chance of making another NBA Finals appearance once their team has had enough time to gel. Jeremy Lamb or Reggie Jackson will need to step up, but at 7-to-1, the odds are favorable for a team that could very well be hoisting a trophy come June.


2012-13 SU record: 33-49 SU (40.2%), 21st in NBA
2012-13 ATS record: 34-43-5 ATS (44.2%), 25th in NBA
Odds to Win 2013-14 Northwest Division: 15-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 Western Conference: 65-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 NBA Championship: 125-to-1

DAMIAN LILLARD is for real, an elite shooter and a natural running the pick-and-roll. Though we’re a little worried about what will happen if pick-and-pop partner LaMarcus Aldridge is dealt sometime this season . . . WESLEY MATTHEWS will be battling for playing time with Portland loading up on wings . . . C.J. MCCOLLUM can play either guard spot, but primarily he’s a scorer and a potentially elite shooter. He’ll often share the backcourt with Lillard, as Eric Maynor did last season . . . MO WILLIAMS will provide the Blazers with a veteran guard presence who is more than capable of lighting it up on any given night. He is, however, a major defensive liability…If he straightens out his jumper, WILL BARTON could end up being a solid second-unit player . . . EARL WATSON gives them a much more reliable back-up point guard than Ronnie Price was . . . Sharpshooter ALLEN CRABBE will likely find himself in the D-League early on.

LAMARCUS ALDRIDGE’s name will be in trade rumors all season, but it won’t affect his role as this team’s No. 1 option . . . NICOLAS BATUM will continue to do a little bit of everything, playing point forward to allow Lillard to play off the ball at times, and serving as a dangerous three-point shooter . . . DORELL WRIGHT can lock opponents down when he wants to. He’ll push Wesley Matthews for minutes . . . Portland will be the next team to try to squeeze production out of 2012 No. 5 pick THOMAS ROBINSON. After Sacramento and Houston both gave up on him almost immediately, Robinson in danger of falling off the NBA map . . . VICTOR CLAVER provides some energy as a second-unit bit player . . . JOEL FREELAND has six fouls to give.

ROBIN LOPEZ will be a better fit alongside Aldridge than J.J. Hickson was. Lopez isn’t skilled, but he can take some defensive responsibilities away from Aldridge . . . MEYERS LEONARD is, as expected, still a work in progress. He’s enormous and there’s some raw talent, but he too often looks lost.

StatFox Take: The Trail Blazers got off to a decent start in 2012-2013, but injuries and inexperience derailed this team, as they ended the season with a 13-game losing skid. The team lost J.J. Hickson, a major offensive contributor, but brought in Robin Lopez to play center and drafted C.J. McCollum, another guard who paired up with Damian Lillard can do some damage from the outside. The Blazers are a ways away from competing with the NBA’s elite and are not a good bet to take a major leap this season.


2012-13 SU record: 43-39 SU (52.4%), 13th in NBA
2012-13 ATS record: 42-38-2 ATS (52.5%), T-10th in NBA
Odds to Win 2013-14 Northwest Division: 100-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 Western Conference: 90-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 NBA Championship: 200-to-1

TREY BURKE is a savvy floor general who can shoot, but he’s also short and a mediocre athlete (and we’ve seen how that’s worked out for Brandon Knight). He’ll step right in at the point, but immediate success is hardly guaranteed . . . ALEC BURKS is locked in at the two. He’ll be able to hang in defensively, and he’s a decent ball-handler and passer. His shaky jumper is an issue . . . BRANDON RUSH returns from an ACL tear and could emerge as the sixth man . . . JOHN LUCAS III is here as a Plan B at the point and to help mentor Burke a bit . . . IAN CLARK won’t see a lot of action as a rookie, but he can play either guard spot.

DERRICK FAVORS will run into foul trouble, but he will be a nightly double-double threat and rim protector . . . GORDON HAYWARD becomes Utah’s No. 1 option on offense. He’ll struggle to create his own shot with defenses focusing on him, but he is a knock-down, three-point shooter who’s improving off the dribble . . . MARVIN WILLIAMS is coming off heel surgery and will miss at least the first month of the season. He’s not a part of Utah’s long-term plans, but will likely see minutes due to the team’s lack of depth . . . RICHARD JEFFERSON is a player/coach at this point in his career . . . JEREMY EVANS will be brainstorming for the dunk contest.

ENES KANTER is a major upgrade over Al Jefferson as a defender and in the team concept on offense. He immediately becomes one of the league’s better starting centers . . . ANDRIS BIEDRINS at least has a chance to reestablish himself as a capable back-up . . . RUDY GOBERT has freakish size, but he’s a major project who is nowhere near ready to contribute.

StatFox Take: With Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap finally out of Utah, it’s now Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter’s turn to anchor this frontcourt. New point guard Trey Burke is going to be asked to contribute a lot offensively for a team that has a very low ceiling. The Jazz could shock some people and grab an eight-seed in the West this season, but they won’t come anywhere near a Western Conference top seed or NBA championship in the near future.

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10/17/2013 12:07 AM

NBA 2013-14 Preview: Atlantic Division


2012-13 SU record: 43-44 SU (49.4%), 17th in NBA
2012-13 ATS record: 40-44-3 ATS (47.6%), 20th in NBA
Odds to Win 2013-14 Atlantic Division: 60-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 Eastern Conference: 100-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 NBA Championship: 200-to-1

RAJON RONDO is the last man standing in Boston. Coming off a torn ACL and with a weakened supporting cast, it’s going to be a long year . . . AVERY BRADLEY is the favorite to start alongside Rondo. He’s still lost on offense, but his defense will be much needed . . . COURTNEY LEE continues to tease with flashes of talent, but hasn’t shown consistency and is no longer “young” . . . JORDAN CRAWFORD will hoist a lot of shots . . . MARSHON BROOKS fell out of favor in Brooklyn and is just hanging on to an NBA roster spot . . . KEITH BOGANS is in Boston because a new deal made the numbers work on the Nets trade . . . Local product PHIL PRESSEY, an undersized point guard, will try to stick as a back-up.

Suddenly, JEFF GREEN is Boston’s first option on offense. He showed an ability to score with 20.1 PPG over 17 starts last season, but he’ll be in for a whole new world of attention as the only legitimate scorer on this team . . . BRANDON BASS should continue to hold down the power forward spot, and he’ll get to take more shots with the team rebuilding . . . Durability is a major issue for JARED SULLINGER, but he has a chance to play big minutes for a team in need of his offensive skill set . . . A washed-up vet with arguably the worst contract in the NBA, GERALD WALLACE is of little use to the Celtics (or any other team) . . . KRIS HUMPHRIES is also dead weight, but is a more enticing trade chip due to an expiring contract.

Rookie KELLY OLYNYK is going to get pushed around, but he has some rare shooting and ball-handling skills for a 7-footer. Boston has little to lose by letting him learn on the job . . . VITOR FAVERANI is a tough-nosed Euro import who gives them insurance behind Olynyk.

StatFox Take: Out with the old and in with the new, as Boston waved goodbye to the remaining two members of the original “Big 3.” Depending on Rajon Rondo’s health, the Celtics should still be in the mix for a playoff spot and are likely going to be the third best team in the Atlantic.


2012-13 SU record: 52-37 SU (58.4%), 9th in NBA
2012-13 ATS record: 43-44-2 ATS (49.4%), 16th in NBA
Odds to Win 2013-14 Atlantic Division: 63-to-100
Odds to Win 2013-14 Eastern Conference: 13-to-2
Odds to Win 2013-14 NBA Championship: 12-to-1

DERON WILLIAMS will surely take on more of a distributor role this year, but he’s still this team’s best option from three-point range, as well . . . JOE JOHNSON started to break down last season, so along with fewer shots (with the upgrade to the rest of the roster), he figures to play fewer regular-season minutes as well . . . JASON TERRY is clearly in the decline phase of his career, but is still the top scoring option among Brooklyn’s second unit . . . ALAN ANDERSON gives them another shooter off the bench . . . SHAUN LIVINGSTON steps into the back-up point guard spot vacated by C.J. Watson. The injury-prone vet will be one of the more rarely used back-up PGs . . . TYSHAWN TAYLOR will be a non-factor.

PAUL PIERCE still has something left in the tank. While his athleticism is fading, he’s still a cagey scorer who can also play some point forward to set up Williams . . . ANDREI KIRILENKO will be a Swiss army knife sixth man and should see plenty of starts as new head coach Jason Kidd rotates which veterans rest . . . REGGIE EVANS was retained for his rebounding ability and willingness to look ridiculous while flopping . . . ANDRAY BLATCHE will continue to settle in as a second-unit big. He’s a name to remember for the future, as Kevin Garnett doesn’t have much left in the tank . . . MIRZA TELETOVIC will be a seldom-used option as a stretch four . . . TORNIKE SHENGELIA is still years away from contributing, and the influx of veterans will further delay his development.

Last year did a lot to assuage durability concerns for BROOK LOPEZ. He’s highly skilled, and he may be forced to grab more rebounds now that Reggie Evans is on the second unit . . . KEVIN GARNETT will start at power forward. He’s still an effective pick-and-pop shooter and pick-and-roll defender, but he’ll have to rest often during the regular season . . . MASON PLUMLEE is in no position to help this season.

StatFox Take: Brooklyn went all-in this offseason by acquiring Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett from the Celtics. This team now has a two-year window at the very most to win a championship, but they do have a good chance and are a worthy wager at 14-to-1 odds. They have tons of experience and players that are capable of hitting big shots on any given night.


2012-13 SU record: 60-34 SU (63.8%), 7th in NBA
2012-13 ATS record: 52-41-1 ATS (55.9%), 5th in NBA
Odds to Win 2013-14 Atlantic Division: 17-to-10
Odds to Win 2013-14 Eastern Conference: 13-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 NBA Championship: 35-to-1

RAYMOND FELTON is still the best the Knicks can do at point guard. With his shortcomings in the half court, head coach Mike Woodson’s desire to go up-tempo should play to Felton’s skill set a little bit better . . . IMAN SHUMPERT should be ready for a slightly bigger role. He’s their best perimeter defender and a good enough spot-up shooter to play off Carmelo Anthony . . . J.R. SMITH’s offseason knee surgery is a bit of a concern, as is the fact that he’s no longer in a contract year. Still, the reigning Sixth Man of the Year should light it up on many nights . . . PABLO PRIGIONI will be Felton’s primary back-up. He disappears at times, but can at least knock down threes . . . BENO UDRIH will provide quality backup minutes after another solid year seeing big minutes in Orlando…TIM HARDAWAY JR. is likely looking at a redshirt year in 2013-14.

Last year was CARMELO ANTHONY’s dream offense, with lots of isolation plays. With his improved three-point shot, Melo should make a run at a second-straight scoring title . . . ANDREA BARGNANI might start by default, but he’s more suited to a part-time role as a one-dimensional floor spacer . . . Expect to see a lot of lineups with either Anthony or METTA WORLD PEACE at the four. MWP is still good enough defensively to justify his erratic shot selection . . . AMAR'E STOUDEMIRE will likely be limited to a part-time role due to injuries. He’ll try to re-invent himself as a second-unit scorer . . . KENYON MARTIN will be counted on to play some four and five off the bench . . . Athletic rookie C.J. LESLIE is ticketed for the D-League.

TYSON CHANDLER will be relied on heavily on the glass for what could be the weakest rebounding team in the NBA. The Knicks would like to keep his regular-season minutes down, but they may be forced to play him a lot if they’re going to get home court in a first-round playoff series . . . The Knicks will try to develop JEREMY TYLER into a useful No. 2 center.

StatFox Take: The Knicks won the Atlantic Division last year and were the Eastern Conference’s 2nd seed, but suffered an ugly defeat at the hands of the Pacers. New York improved from a talent standpoint this summer, bringing in Metta World Peace and Andrea Bargnani, but there are tons of question marks as to how all of these players will fit together. Mike Woodson has his work cut out for him if the Knicks are going to improve on last season’s success.


2012-13 SU record: 34-48 SU (41.5%), T-19th in NBA
2012-13 ATS record: 39-42-1 ATS (48.1%), 19th in NBA
Odds to Win 2013-14 Atlantic Division: 500-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 Eastern Conference: 250-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 NBA Championship: 500-to-1

Welcome to Tankadelphia. MICHAEL CARTER-WILLIAMS will be handed the reigns at the point, and has the size and savvy to create some offense. But a work-in-progress jumper and too many risky passes will lead to plenty of lost possessions . . . The Sixers would love to unload perennially disappointing ex-No. 2 pick EVAN TURNER. He’s yet to develop a jump shot, and while he’ll start for a laughably thin Philly team, he looks more and more like a second-unit player . . . JAMES ANDERSON could end up playing a lot of minutes off the bench, simply because the Sixers don’t have enough NBA-caliber players . . . JASON RICHARDSON will miss at least half the season after major knee surgery. He may never contribute in the NBA again…TONY WROTEN could see the floor plenty as a high-upside player who must cut down on his turnovers and improve his jump shot.

THADDEUS YOUNG will likely step up as the No. 1 option, and he very well may be the only player on this team that would make a rotation of a playoff contender. We’ll see what he can do with defenses focused on stopping him . . . LAVOY ALLEN will be leaned on for heavy minutes as one of their few proven players . . . ARNETT MOULTRIE might end up with a very big role this year, as the Sixers are especially lacking post players. He at least rebounds and gets in people’s way defensively . . . Philly will try its hand with ROYCE WHITE, who has plenty of talent but just as much baggage. He and the Rockets couldn’t see eye-to-eye with how to manage his anxiety issues . . . TIM OHLBRECHT might actually see the court on this team.

SPENCER HAWES should start at center, especially early. His mid-range shooting makes him one of the few offensive options on this team . . . Coming off a torn ACL, NERLENS NOEL probably won’t be ready until December. He should contribute as a rim protector and rebounder, but will be pushed around and doesn’t have much on offense . . . KWAME BROWN is waiting for his contract to be bought out.

StatFox Take: The Sixers cleaned house this offseason and loaded up on young players who possess upside, but also major concerns. This season will be a developmental year for Philadelphia and they are pretty much a lock to finish last place in the division. Actually, it's highly possible that the 76ers will be selecting with the 1st pick in the 2014 NBA Draft.


2012-13 SU record: 34-48 SU (41.5%), T-19 in NBA
2012-13 ATS record: 41-40-1 ATS (50.6%), 13th in NBA
Odds to Win 2013-14 Atlantic Division: 10-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 Eastern Conference: 90-to-1
Odds to Win 2013-14 NBA Championship: 200-to-1

KYLE LOWRY was banged up last season, but he enters this year healthy and has the potential to be one of the league’s best two-way point guards . . . DEMAR DEROZAN does a nice job attacking, but he’s a flawed player unless he develops a jump shot . . . The Raptors want TERRENCE ROSS to attack the basket more often. But whether he develops a three-point shot could determine where he fits into this rotation . . . After a disastrous season in Indiana, D.J. AUGUSTIN will have to earn his rotation spot. Toronto could use his shooting, though . . . DWIGHT BUYCKS comes back from Europe to back up Lowry . . . Versatile JULYAN STONE is an interesting bit piece, as he reunites with GM Masai Ujiri, who brought him to Denver.

Despite all that talent, RUDY GAY’s poor shot selection and disinterested defense will have him on the trading block . . . AMIR JOHNSON will get another chance at full-time minutes. Despite some inconsistency, he still has the upside to be a good rebounder and shot-blocker . . . TYLER HANSBROUGH brings toughness and a decent mid-range jumper. He’s a second-unit talent, but could challenge Johnson for minutes . . . LANDRY FIELDS is a well-compensated reserve . . . STEVE NOVAK gives them a legitimate shooter among the second unit . . . Toronto will try to shake some of that upside out of AUSTIN DAYE . . . QUINCY ACY will move to the three, likely making this a redshirt year.

JONAS VALANCIUNAS is set to become Toronto’s new centerpiece. Talented enough for them to run the offense through him, he’s rapidly improving on both ends of the court . . . AARON GRAY will stick around as a decent back-up, a 7-footer who can get in the way defensively.

StatFox Take: Toronto hasn’t changed much from last season, but with Rudy Gay for an entire season and a healthier Kyle Lowry, they could see some nice improvements. The Raptors have an interesting mix of skill and athleticism and they should be competitive on a nightly basis. They have an outside chance of challenging Boston for the third spot in this division.

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Thanks alot, C

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nice writeups. i would disagree about the central division though, you have 4 of the 5 teams going over, and the only one you have "under" is the bucks. the bucks aren't good, but even when they try to tank a season, they usually end up with 30-35 wins. the lowest win total they've had in the last 14 seasons has been 26, they usually play hard as a team here and find a way to get wins even when outmatched.