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On 10/06/2013 10:20 PM in NFL

As a fan,What We are Missing

Really? Because Denver managed to win against a team that was playing the best football it's ever played in the Romo era. Said QB put up the best performance in Dallas QB history. Peyton kept pace with an otherworldly showing from Romo, thus giving the defense one more shot to make a play. Guess what? They did.

Manning rewarded the defense by then perfectly milking the final two minutes and putting the team in scoring position.

Any other team loses by 30 to the Cowboys today. You think Seattle would have stopped that offense today? Nope - they gave up 34 to the Colts today; who, while solid, don't have the weapons Dallas does. Think the Patriots, Packers, or Saints would have kept pace with how Romo played today? I doubt it.

This is what the team needs to learn how to win playoff games. Ultimately, stats are not going to matter once in the post-season. Knowing how to win in a dogfight, a shootout, or coming from behind will be paramount. Whether it's 13-10 in the 4th quarter, or 48-41, it's all about knowing how to win in the end. The Broncos showed a little bit of everything today.

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10/07/2013 05:15 AM

Denver stays healthy and they have a great shot at winning it all. Only question mark is Manning's record in playoffs and cold weather. I have Manning on my fantasy team, so I am thrilled to death.

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10/07/2013 09:55 AM

Hey Welcome to the forum! What an unbelievable game that was - just like you said Dallas was on all possible cylinders and it just sucks for them that they were up against Peyton and company....anyone else and this game would have been a blowout...Hope you can stick around and let's have some more discussions about these games!

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