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On 10/21/2011 05:08 PM in NCAA Football

GOOD READING - 12 Vegas Football Stories That Will Surprise You

Top 10 Teams Killing Bookies!
(Based on the AP poll the week the game was played)
Top 10 teams are . . .
16-1 ATS the last two weekends
38-14 ATS on the season
29-3 ATS when teams were favored by 27 or less points
16-0 ATS for teams ranked #6, #7, or #8
Non-Top 10 teams favored by 20 or more points are only 48-46 ATS on the season.
* ATS stands for “against the spread”
* 4 games in which Top 10 teams played each other are disregarded
* 1 game was an point-spread TIE (aka: a push)

Kansas Yet to Play a Team with a Loss!
Kansas is the first team since at least 1980 that started the season vs. SEVEN STRAIGHT opponents who were undefeated at the time!

16-0 Odds for Packers?
Vegas odds say Packers have 7% chance of ending regular season undefeated (13 to 1 against). Packers are favored in all 10 remaining games.

Suck For Luck:
Odds of current winless teams going 0-16:
Colts: 2.5% chance (39 to 1 against)
Dolphins: 1.5% (65 to 1 against)
Rams: 1.1% (93 to 1 against)
Slightly less than 5% odds of at least ONE TEAM going winless the entire season.

Dolphins, favored by 1.5-points over Denver this week, are NOT currently favored in any of their remaining 10 games this season!

Tim Tebow Slight Downgrade:
Las Vegas considers Denver Broncos to be ONE-POINT WORSE with Tim Tebow at quarterback rather than Kyle Orton.

Carson Palmer Considered Upgrade:
Raiders odds to win Super Bowl dropped from 30-1 down to 20-1 after Carson Palmer trade.

Packers (-8 at Minnesota)
1984 was the last time the Packers were favored by OVER a touchdown AT Minnesota.

Colts +14 (at New Orleans)
Only ONE OTHER TIME since 1993 have the Colts been underdogs of two-touchdowns or more.

Dallas -13 over Rams
Only 3 other times since 1998 have the Cowboys have been favored by 13 or more points.

College Football:

Tennessee +30 at Alabama
Tennessee has never been a 30-point underdog in recorded point-spread history (back to 1980). The biggest prior point-spread in the Alabama/Tennessee series was 17 (each team has been favored by 17 over the other one time).

Notre Dame -9.5 hosting USC
Notre Dame has not been this big of a favorite over USC since 1996.

Kansas State Makes History!
Kansas State, with win over Texas Tech, become only the 5th BCS team since 1980 to win 4 straight games as an underdog in all 4 games

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10/21/2011 05:09 PM

South Carolina closed a 3.5-point favorite over Miss St.

Leading 14-10, SC took an intentional safety on the LAST PLAY OF THE GAME.

Making the final score 14-12.

Underdog covers.

An estimated 80% of bets were on S. Carolina.

An estimated $50 million was bet on the game worldwide (estimated $40 million on S.C and $10 million on Miss St.)

Meaning the safety on the last play COST bettors an estimated $30 million dollars!

(Although exact numbers of worldwide action are impossible to determine [percentage of bets and percentage of money does not perfectly correlate] this estimating technique has earned strong confidence.)

Adding even more juice to this story: South Carolina point-shaving rumors swept the Internet this week.

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10/21/2011 05:36 PM

Thanks buddy. Look forward to lots more.

Keep it cumming!!

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10/21/2011 06:49 PM

WOW!!! That's some REALLY cool shit!!

If it wasn't for sports, I'd have nothing look forward to
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10/21/2011 06:50 PM

Do tell though.....with all this great info on the teams mentioned, which ones in your mind would be the ones to take this weekend?

If it wasn't for sports, I'd have nothing look forward to