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On 10/21/2011 01:12 PM in MLB

Good things come to those who wait.

Before the Series started, If you took Texas to win the series, they were at -160. I left it alone to see what would happen after game one. Of course Texas lost, and going into Game 2, they were +105. I saw that they had a very good chance at winning game 2 at Busch Stadium, which tells me that they should take the series with a split at St. Louis. So I took the +105 (Rangers). Now that they have won game 2, the line is -190 (Texas). That is a HUGE swing from one game to the next. Confident that Texas will win the series, I'll be happy to make a little juice along with the win.

For once I did something right.............................all assuming Texas pulls it off. If not, I didn't lay -160 or -190 so I minimize the damage.

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premiumplaya Posts:368 Followers:3
10/21/2011 03:20 PM

good call...in hindsight i prolly shoulda done the same...but i still like the -155 juice better than -190! lol

cheers to texas winning yesterday in a great game!

Good luck.
bobalou Posts:5451 Followers:148
10/21/2011 03:24 PM

Jbo I am a little lucky in this WS... WAY BACK WHEN I took both St. Louis and Texas to win it all... So basically I just had to sit back and wait until my future pays off. But you know me... that wasn't enough.... so I took a small additional play on St. Louis (only because it was ++Plus Money) but I like both teams & I really don't care which one wins at this point... I just hope the series continues to be an exciting one.

GL with your play :)

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