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On 10/20/2011 06:53 PM in MLB


I can't believe I'm sharing this, but I have to, if I didn't lose $1,400 it would be funny as hell to me too.

So I'm up big in the NFL this weekend, with the Chicago / Under play Monday night I was up about $2K going into Tuesday. I played FIU / Under big Tuesday night, then added a second half play & lost my ass. So Wednesday morning it's pouring rain in south Florida, I can't work (I'm in construction), & I'm sour about the Tuesday night loss & looking for some action. There's nothing to do. I start peddling thru the "games in the next 2 hours" on my wagering site & come across tennis, yes fucking tennis, LOL. I do a little reading & find this match between "Radwanska" & some guy that he's beaten (14) times in the last (14) matches over a period of (5) years. The play is -466 & I'm thinking, hey, this is a fuckin LOCK, I can't lose. I drop $300 -466. I check my account a few hours later & the guy pulls off the upset & I lose $1,398...

Then in a moment of weakness I broke my cardinal rule (NEVER BET MORE THAN HALF YOUR BALANCE),& played the $800 balance in my account on the Rangers on the moneyline last night & they cover but don't win.

I'm reuped tonight & in vengeance mode, looking for a few makeup games if anyone has any good info.

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10/20/2011 07:22 PM

Dude. We've all been there. That moment where you're chasing just to get back to even. You do all the research and make all the right decisions, but everything goes against you. Ughh it fucking sucks man. You'll get back up there bro!

R.I.P. Entourage. I shall miss you dearly. =[

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10/20/2011 08:05 PM

Been there done that. Honestly you sometimes dont know whether to laugh or cry.

Where in South Florida my friend. Gotta hook up for a cold one after football season.

GL this week.

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