marksmoneymakers Posts:29723 Followers:142
09/30/2013 04:54 AM

Nice job Spooky. I had a decent weekend but nothing like yours. Congrats on all those winners.

jimmythegreek Posts:12627 Followers:392
09/30/2013 09:12 AM

Hope the Saints go marching in and make it a 7-1 in week 4. GL!

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spooky Posts:4695 Followers:319
09/30/2013 09:39 AM

Spooky's worst of Week 4

Joe Flacco - 5 picks to those ball-hawking Bills! Not ELITE! Also, CJ Spiller still sucks.

Jay Gruden and Andy Dalton - Bros, your offense sucks. As far as the Browns go, clearly Trent Richardson was the metaphorical pair of cement shoes that was holding the franchise back from achieving true greatness. REALLY looking forward to that Bills/Browns game this Thursday.

Jay Catler - That's more like it. That is the Cat that we know and love. On the Lions, are you buying these guys yet? I suppose that they always were a pretty good team as long as they don't turn it over and keep the personal foul penalties to a minimum. Roar!!

Russell Wilson - This guy has been poop so far yet the Hawks are 4-0. Matt Schaub also sucks. I always LOL when some dumbass like Herm will talk about how underrated Captain Boring is. No, he's properly rated as an average at best QB/chronic masturbator.

ELITE Manning - QB heavy today! Only turning the ball over 3 times qualifies as a great game for baby Elisha. I know that everyone everywhere is saying this but I can't fucking believe that the Giants are THIS BAD. They're making the Skins look like the Broncos.

Mike Tomlin's aviator sunglasses - 25% of the way to 0-16. Funny the Pirates finally make the playoffs and the Steelers become the Pirates. Apparently, Mike Adams was absolute horseshit all day. I wouldn't know since I wasn't about to watch these two teams. But, then again, watching Jared Allen abuse him for 3+ hours would have been great.

LOL Chip Kelly - Who's smirking like a smug prick now, you visor-wearing faggot? I just love how this offense racks up major yards and then uses them on missed field goals. This team is trash and just begging to go 5-11. You watch, Chump is going to pull a Petrino on the Eagles and take the USC job. HOT TAKE!

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dietz Posts:263 Followers:1
09/30/2013 04:49 PM

NICE job Spooky!!!

thehitman Posts:3078 Followers:5
09/30/2013 06:43 PM

Good job, man !! Had a good week, also...............ATL got me last nite & cost me a monster week, and I also had the under which looked good for most of the game. Lost on Cincy, but the rest all came in. Nice wins on my keys DEN & INDY but should have had more $ on them. Ahhhh.............I stick to money management, so that's that. Need NO tonite, too. Got the futures with them as you do. Gee, they look nice, especially the over 9 wins. Ooops, I'm not supposed to say that, huh? Lotsa luck tonite.
Any input on tonite's O/U ?

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thetopdog Posts:37 Followers:1
09/30/2013 07:53 PM

Good Job Dad! Great week!