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After they've made changes on coaching position Stuttgart became more stable and is showing improvement lately. Now when they are out of European competitions their main and only focus is domestic championship in which they now have two victories in a row. In last match on their home arena they’ve trashed Hoffenheim with 6:2.
On the other hand Eintracht is also solid in this season beginning but today they’ll have some serious fatigue problems. Only three days ago they had a tough match against Bordeaux in EL and they are not the team used to playing on both fronts (their own coach Armin Veh admitted they will have problems with fatigue). Moreover, three Eintracht’s key players will be missing this match - Meier, Rosenthal and Schwegler.
I think Stuttgart’s selfconfidence is higher, they are rested and don’t have major problems with absences and anything but their victory today would be a surprise.
Bet: 1
Odds: 2.10
BOL ;)

Bet smart or die poor ;)
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Thanks and good luck!

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