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On 09/19/2013 11:59 AM in NCAA Football

ncaa week four


BEST BETS (1-4)(-10.20 units)
STRONG PLAYS (4-4)(-1.00 units)
REGULAR PLAYS (5-7)(-2.80 units)
OVERALL TOTAL (10-15)(-14.00)

6-4 picking up 2.30 units last week. Not great, but a step in the right direction. I will take it. On to week number four.

Thursday Night

NC State +14 (-120) vs Clemson (regular play)………….bought half point. I seem to recall NC State playing just about everybody tough at home on these Thursday night football games. I will take my chances.

Taking a pass on the Friday night game.

Georgia Tech -5.5 vs N Carolina (best bet)………..just feel Tech is the much better team and cannot believe this line is under a touchdown. I thought this game was at Carolina when I first saw the line.

Auburn +17 vs LSU (best bet)……………rivalry, tough SEC game, anything can happen. Grab the generous points.

Tennessee +17 (-120) vs Florida (strong play)……..bought a half point. Same as the Auburn/LSU game. Not impressed with Florida offense to cover this big a number.

Kansas St +7 (-125) vs Texas (strong play)………….bought half point. Kansas State always plays Texas tough and Texas has some apparent problems this year.

Duke +4 (-105) vs Pittsburgh (regular play)…………..I am a Pitt fan and these are the type of games they lose, especially on the road.

Michigan St +7 (-125) vs Notre Dame (regular play)……….bought half point. These two usually play tight games and this is not the same Irish team as last year.

Maryland -4.5 vs West Virginia (regular play)…………This game reminds me of the Ga Tech/N Carolina game.

Geez, I like a lot of games this week. The rest of these are just one unit regular plays.

Wyoming -4 vs Air Force
Tulane +16 vs Syracuse
Arizona St +7 vs Stanford
Marshall +8.5 vs Virginia Tech

Good Luck Everybody!!

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09/19/2013 02:49 PM

Was just looking at some lines again and good thing I got Mich St when I did. It is now at 4.5 in both books that I use.