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On 10/18/2011 12:58 PM in NFL

Worst NFL Team

Watching what I could of the game last night, I think DWTS was a better watch than the game last night but wow.

Miami is my #1
#2 is VIkings, they have some talent but their coach is horrible.
#3 Rams I had them on the up this year but thus far look bad
#4 Colts - Shows how much Manning meant..
#5 Broncos
I think the browns could be #5 but they have some talent. My next tier would be Panthers, Jags, Cards, Seahawks

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jimmythegreek Posts:12637 Followers:392
10/18/2011 01:30 PM

I have St. Louis as the worst team simply because their defense is horrible and they still fail to move the ball and score points even in a respectable situation. Miami is second because as bad as they have been they have stayed close in some of their games this season giving New England, Houston and San Diego all they could handle. Not to mention we know they should have won at Cleveland as well. Rounding them out I have Indianapolis followed by Denver, Arizona and then Minnesota, as the latter three have won once.

Seattle? Week 5's win over big blue could turn their season around. A win over Cleveland and they are no less than mediocre.

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spooky Posts:4696 Followers:319
10/18/2011 02:43 PM

SO nice not to see the Lions in this kind of thread finally.

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lucky777 Posts:176 Followers:3
10/18/2011 03:00 PM

How many units have you lost on Miami this year boss?

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btb Posts:2279 Followers:163
10/19/2011 01:30 PM

Honestly I never put in the bet on Mondays game.. I had Cleveland against them and lost the cover, and I believe I took Houston over them week 2 which won, coming off a divisional game liked the spot

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bobalou Posts:5404 Followers:148
10/19/2011 01:41 PM

Thank Goodness I am a DWTS fanatic that I only had to peep at the game during commercials! But I agree Miami is pretty bad this year :(

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