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Chip's FREE MLB Winner

Atlanta vs. Washington, 09/18/2013 19:05
Money Line: -103 Atlanta

Chip's MLB 3-Pack Hat-Trick of Winners
Chip Chirimbes, 3-Time Las Vegas Handicapping Champion on a run with his turn a profit 3-Pack Hat-Trick releases in MLB and he has more on Wednesday Get his Vegas Hotline winner between the Indians and Royals, his Money Game winner between the Yankees and Blue Jays and his Famous Megabucks Winner between the Dodgers and D' Backs. Get it all NOW and collect! A $150 value discounted for only $69

Chip's MLB Money Game Winner (Yanks/Jays)
Chip Chirimbes, 3-Time Las Vegas MLB Handicapping Champion is off yesterday's 'Money Game' WIN with the Blue Jays and is coming right back with another of his Famous 'Money Game' Winners in Wednesday's contest between the New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays. Get this 'Guaranteed' Money Game MLB Best Bet Winner NOW! Only $49

Chip's FREE MLB Winner (Braves/Nats)
Atlanta over Washington- After losing a 'double dip' yesterday the Braves will be ready to slow down the hard charging Nationals who have cut Atlanta's lead from 15 games to eight. But is is too little too late. Take the Braves!

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good luck