btb Posts:2279 Followers:163
On 10/18/2011 09:39 AM in General

Sad News

So as some of you may or may not know Junkman (sam) has been MIA for the last few weeks. I spoke to him today and due to his medical issues he wont be around much anymore for the foreseeable future. For those who have his email you may reach out to him however his internet access will be limited. Hopefully in the future he will be back here. Wish him a speedy recovery!


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bobalou Posts:5402 Followers:148
10/18/2011 10:02 AM

I've tried to stay in touch as well and new he wasn't feeling the best. I hate to hear he's still not well.

Junk you're in my thoughts and prayers - and hopefully you'll be up and around and back with us soon.

We miss you around here!!!

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jimmythegreek Posts:12612 Followers:392
10/18/2011 10:35 AM

Terrible news. Junk I hope you make a complete recovery and are back here at BTB soon. Take all the time you need as health always comes first. Thoughts and prayers to you and the family.

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spooky Posts:4694 Followers:319
10/18/2011 12:12 PM

We have Sam in our thoughts and prayers. I am in touch with him as often as possible and he truly is thinking of
everyone here at the forum. Going for some tests and hoping things work out well.

I am sure he will be back posting before we know it but for now he will be missed and speaking for everyone we wish him a speedy recovery and back on his feet soon.

I will make sure to pass along the messages. God Bless.

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hitmen44 Posts:2487 Followers:8
10/18/2011 03:42 PM

get well soon junkman.

bill2266 Posts:1089 Followers:20
10/18/2011 04:51 PM

Junkman you are in my prayers get well soon

enzymex Posts:1732 Followers:61
10/18/2011 05:36 PM

Very sad to hear Junkman isn't doing too good :(

My thoughts and prayers are with you and hope to see you back later, when you're doing better pal!

jb Posts:2021 Followers:73
10/18/2011 06:15 PM

Make that big comeback Sam!!!!!! I'll bee rootin ya on buddy!

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doof Posts:1650 Followers:19
10/18/2011 08:35 PM

Hope you get well soon Junk!

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premiumplaya Posts:368 Followers:3
10/19/2011 01:25 AM

health comes first! hopefully you'll be back very soon! get well JM!

Good luck.