marksmoneymakers Posts:30746 Followers:142
On 10/18/2011 07:21 AM in Contests


1. (49) Hatman
2. (44) Hitmen44
3. (43) Aakj
4. (42) Enzymex …….tiebreaker of 37

(42) Nikalibobwa…..tiebreaker of 41
(39) Miners26
(39) Minet123
(38) Marksmoney
(38) Iwutitan
(38) Nihama
(37) Boogyman
(34) Jimmythegreek
(34) Mattdagreat
(33) rybomf
(33) Doof
(30) Mcrowe38315
(30) Deadphish
(29) Oakas
(29) Premiumplaya
(28) Trytrytry
(28) Sharpsquare
(26) Bulldog
(25) Cnotes
(24) Thehitman
(24) Finance
(24) Bobalou
(24) Igetp2s
(22) Roguesalmon
(21) Shantystar
(21) 8550937
(20) Kbhirsch
(20) Delusion2
(18) Viaero
(18) Gamblinrose
(18) Mojo822
(00) Chalkeater…..posted incorrectly , one team listed twice

Hatman takes first place, Hitmen44 takes second place and Aakj gets third place. We had a tie for fourth place between Enzymex and Nikalibobwa. The actual tiebreaker was 30, so Enzymex was closer with a pick of 37 as opposed to Nikalibobwa’s 41. Congrats to this weeks winners!

bobalou Posts:5451 Followers:148
10/18/2011 11:06 AM

Great Job guys. This is one contest that is soooooo very tough to hit (in my humble opinion). My hat is off to anyone who finishes near the top - Congrats Winners :)

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hitmen44 Posts:2498 Followers:8
10/18/2011 03:45 PM

great job hatman.thanks to ryan and everyone involved in putting together this contest.

hatman Posts:655 Followers:16
10/19/2011 01:58 AM

thanks everyone,like to thank ryan and diamond for the lucky and picked a few winners,also thanks to mark for the fine job he does on all the contest.


aakj Posts:3420 Followers:15
10/19/2011 10:11 AM

congrats Hatman

premiumplaya Posts:368 Followers:3
10/19/2011 03:09 PM

wow great job hatman (only 6 points from the best possible score!) and all the other top finishers...thanks to mark, ryan, and all the other people that make this contest possible. this one is a fun one!

Good luck.