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On 09/11/2013 10:12 AM in Soccer


Nautico so far managed to collect only 9 points which is 13 less than they need to get to safe zone so in reality no one believes they will be able to stay up in this league. Even the chairman decided to give up – after they fired their last coach (fifth time this season) they decided not to invest in new coaching names so they left the team in hands of inexperienced former assistant.
In last round they’ve managed to get a point away in Corinthias but it was lack of efficiency from opponents side that caused the goalless draw. Only spark of “creativity” from Nautico was kicking the ball as far from their goal as they can. That kind of play brought them only one goal in last 8 rounds, and today they’ll be without two of their best strikers Carioca and Rogerio (suspension and injury).
Gremio is on the other hand on second place, only six points behind leading Cruzeiro and today they’ll try to shorten the gap because Cruzeiro is also going on difficult away trip to Goias where Gremio was also defeated two rounds before. That defeat was the only “black spot” in Gremio’s form – in last seven outings they won six. They do have some absences but those are not so important for the team and are mostly related to defense line which inefficient Nautico is not capable to put in danger. Since they appointed coach Gaucho they’ve found their winning formula and I really don’t see how Nautico will be able get two consecutive positive results against top teams – they wouldn’t be on the last spot if they are really able to do so.

Bet: 2 (Gremio wins)
Odds: 2.00
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