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On 09/06/2013 05:20 PM in NFL

System that wins 75% and one for 70%.....

Saw this today... Not really a system but couldnt think of a better title...

If you bet against the cowboys every game the last 3 years you would have won 75% of your plays

add in the over and you would have won 70% of those... If we only knew....

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09/06/2013 06:23 PM

I don't know man...when I see stuff like that it makes me think the opposite will be profitable this year...

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09/06/2013 06:48 PM

If you look at past results, you will always find a lot of patterns and winning systems (in hindsight). Unless there's a logical explanation WHY those results happened, and why they would continue to happen in the future, such information isn't worth much. E.g. in this case the explanation might be that the Cowboys are a popular team, and the betting public likes them regardless of the evidence, so the bookmakers must adjust the lines and there's value in betting against them. I'm not saying there's no value in such plays, but you really need to analyze the reasons, not just look at the past results because in vacuum there's no guarantee that past performance will continue in the future.

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09/06/2013 06:52 PM

Never knew/thought that of the 'Boys. I do know they haven't rewarded me on a steady basis, tho. Some teams just don't. But I have gone against them a fair # of times . The Jets seem to catch me, also. seem to have really good luck with NENG, SF & INDY, tho.

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09/06/2013 07:19 PM

How coincidental is this? Throw in the fact that my Boys are playing Ryan's Jints as our division arch rivals clash in week 1? I don't remember how early at this point how system plays would work against me, though I may have to take the smart money as the score usually flies when these two teams meet. Maybe Romo and the swiss cheese passing secondary will surprise me, but while I won't bet in favor of the line trend, the winner will be well into the 30's when this one's in the books.

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09/06/2013 07:41 PM

I think Endymion said it right, Dallas is a popular team and so many of the last 3 years people are always saying its there year so I think the line generally isnt favorable to them.

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