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On 09/03/2013 11:14 AM in General

Power Ratings anyone?

This summer I have been working on some power ratings for the NFL. In the past I have never used them to help with capping a game. So I was curious if anyone else has created their own and use them for finding values in the lines?

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09/06/2013 06:46 PM

I used to, many moons ago . Lotta work(as you are seeing) involved to tweak them just the way I wanted and they didn't seem to give me the advantage that I needed. I guess they are around the net if one really wanted them. I have replaced them with just trying to watch as many games as possible (easy with NFL ticket), trying to not factor blowouts or unique/freak situations, weather in my final evaluation thoughts. And am leaning more & more as years go by to my gut feeling and common sense. Been at this a long time...........sometimes stats are, well, just stats. Not saying stats are for losers, tho, far from it.

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