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On 09/01/2013 08:06 AM in Contests

BTB September POD Contest

September's POD contest is up and running! For this month we include MLB, NFL and CFB!

To join click HERE

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  • 09/05/2013 01:54 PM

    Hey Finance,
    I see your posts about contests and having to be signed up with a sports book to play. My question is what sports book to trust. I've heard nothing but bad things about just about all of them as far as payouts are concerned and am weary to put money out if I am just gonna lose it. I live in the USA and was hoping you could offer some insight to a sports book or 2 that is trustworthy and payable to US residents. I had been looking at 5dimes, bovada, bookmaker, betonline ect... do you have any info to share? all will be appreciated it. best of luck this year.

  • 09/07/2013 09:18 AM

    BetDSI and Bookmaker are the best, Next would be 5dimes and Wagerweb all have decent payout wont be waiting more then a week for any of them. Some options are in 24hrs...depending on the amount your looking for

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  • 09/07/2013 10:03 AM

    Thanks btb. I appreciate the info. GL this weekend/ year!