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On 10/15/2011 06:07 PM in NFL

Bookies Battle the Point Spreads- WEEK 6

Well last week must have been easy. There were 5 bookies that went 10-2 in their picks. These guys(and a gal) made their picks Sunday night, before any injuries and Sunday/Monday night finals came in and picked at over 83% last week:

Glen Meadows, Boulder Station
Mike Colbert, Cantor Gaming
Eric Fenstermaker, Club Cal Neva
Tara Martinez, Imperial Palace ßchick alert
Cavin Kishi, Monte Carlo

Overall Kitt Langvad of Arizona Charlies leads at 49-27 with Mike Guernsey of Jokers Wild is in 2nd place with a 48-28 record and Mike Colbert of Cantor Gaming is in 3rd with 47-29 overall record through 5 weeks.

Here are the top bookies selections for week 6:

Kitt Lanvad, last week 8-4; GB JAC PHI SF CAR IND BUF BAL CLE NE NO MIN MIA and Best Bet is BUF

Mike Guernsey, last week 7-5; GB PIT WAS DET CAR CIN BUF BAL OAK NE NO MIN MIA and Best Bet is NO

Mike Colbert, last week 10-2; STL PIT WAS DET CAR IND NYG BAL CLE DAL TB MIN MIA and Best Bet is STL

There are no real discernable differences this week between the top 3 and the consensus. However there are a couple key line moves to be aware of. The bookies picked Redskins/Eagles game at Washington –0.5 but that game has moved now to Philadelphia –3.(two out of the top 3 bookies picked the Redskins prior to the line move!). The bookies picked at Ravens –6.5, but that game has moved to –7.5 now(on the other side of the key number of 7), and finally they picked the Patriots game at the Pats-7.5 and that game has fallen below the key number of 7 in many spots to –6.5.

Top “Best Bet” is Dallas this week, with 7 of the Bookies making it their top pick.

The top Consensus pick is Indy with a whopping 51 of 60 bookies choosing the Colts!

That’s it for this week! GLTA