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Saratoga day 15

Race 4. Nothing we had the winner with the 8 (Costellano on turf) and nothing behind it. Bomb came in second for a nice 250.00 exacta

Race 5. I did not like the race at all. Should have passed. We got nothing.

Race 6. Loved Gimme Credit and he wins, but we get nothing else behind it.

Race 9. Liked the 4 horse for the trainer places his horses nicely. 4 horse wins to pay $48.00 to win. We had 1st and 3rd
No winner

Race 11. Linda rice with Cornelio aboard.... Goes off at 27-1. Are you kidding me!!! Comes in second by 1/2 a nose. I thought it won. I said do 9/all exacta. Came in 11-9-4. So pissed
I had a triple of 11/9, w 11/9, w 1, 7. 1 and 7 came in 4th and 5th. I never did 11-9 exacta. Did 9/all. WTF!!!!

Day 15

Race1. Clement training the 7. The 1 horse, Lochte was scratched earlie n placed here. Costellano n Brown on the 2
This is a competitive race on paper.
Box 7-1-2

Race2 the 5 horse, Ketel Twist ran this year already. If its does any improvement off that races he wins came in 2nd last time out. I learned my lesson the past 2 days. 5/all box
Costellano on the 3 is very good and 1 horse chicks be live.

Race 7. 1 horse looks tough but I like the horse called Funny Money (5). Box 5-1-7

Race 9. How can we not bet the 9 horse. Spooky Kitten.? The 3 horse is a very consistent horse. Very good horse too. Reminds me of Gimme Credit from yesterday. In all honesty, the 9 horses' breeders are the Ramsey's who are looking for the owners title this year. Interesting . the 7 has Costellano and the trainer is Service. He is in money 73%.

Box 3-9-7

Good luck if you choose to follow.

Hope someone made well on races yesterday.