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College Football Review of Week 6 and look to Week 7

Boy did the favorites take the money in Week 6 going 32-20 based on the closing lines at Totals were a bookie-friendly 26-26 on the week.

My posted plays at were 7-6 last week bringing my record for the season to 46-30. Rather than moan about any particular bad beat this week, I thought we could take a quick look at the remaining undefeated teams and who might be left unbeaten at the end.

Currently there are 13 Unbeaten teams left. Oklahoma, Kansas State and Oklahoma State all from the Big 12 and they all face each other. We could have one undefeated team or none. Assuming one of them goes unbeaten they will be a VERY strong contender for the national title game. Alabama and LSU play each other so assuming the winner of that game goes unblemished the rest of the way they are a lock for the title game. Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois are all undefeated out of the Big 10. Wisconsin and Michigan both play Illinois, but they don’t play each other, but if Michigan and Wisky both get by Illinois they would match up in the Big 10 Championship game. Clemson and Georgia Tech play each other. What I find interesting is that we have Boise, Stanford and Houston, all of which could go undefeated at this point.

The wildest scenario for me would be if all of the Big 12 teams lose a game, the winner of the Bama/LSU game loses in the SEC championship and at the end of the season we have let’s say Michigan, Clemson, Boise, Stanford and Houston all unbeaten..wouldn’t that be a kick in the pants to the BCS system? We all know the powers that be are praying for Big 12/SEC unbeatens but what will they do – put Michigan and Clemson in the title game? That would be the best thing for those of us hoping for a playoff system one of these years.

The schedule provides us with a strange week this week with tons of double-digit favorites…perhaps the favorite swing from this week will turn in the other direction. A couple of games of note –
Michigan State hosts previously mentioned Michigan in a big rivalry game. Early line shows State favored by 2…my first instinct is that Mr. Robinson is playing extremely well right now and Michigan looks pretty tough to beat – may be a gift to be getting points with them, although that normally means it’s a trap....
Illinois hosts Ohio State – Illinois currently sitting as a 4 point favorite. Can Ohio State come back from last week’s disappointing loss after giving up a 27-6 lead over Nebraska? Buckeyes might be done here.
The beat up Florida Gators travel to the defending champions Auburn. Florida has been waxed in consecutive weeks by Alabama and LSU, while Auburn comes off a 38-14 shelacking at the hands of Arkansas (mentioned here last week!) Florida is a 2 point road favorite, although be careful with Auburn as they play LSU the next weekend and might be caught looking ahead.

Good Luck to everyone this weekend!!

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10/14/2011 10:17 AM

Well of all the undefended teams (you know I'm a bit prejudice) but I hope LSU continues that way !!!! I have High hopes we will come out of Tenn with a win and take care of Auburn here at Death Valley the following week. (However I don't think either of these games will be cakewalks - Never under-estimate SEC teams or any team going up against #1 because no matter what that teams current standing is most teams seem to step it up when playing #1). I am VERY WORRIED about LSU going to Bama and coming out with a win. I hate to say this but I just don't think LSU will make it thru the year without at least one or two losses. But I can Hope. After LSU & Bama I am pulling for Stanford, Oklahoma or Wisconsin making it to this years big game out of the list you given us. I am even pulling for little Boise St (but only because I want to see what the BSC comes up with if Boise stays undefeated- I too would like to see a playoff system one day)

Great write up .... :)

Wouldn't it be great if along with all the crazy uniforms we did our fields like Boise as well LOL

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