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On 07/23/2013 10:51 AM in General

Day 4 results........

Well yesterday was one of those furstrating days....... so dam close..............

Race 2 we get the 1st and 3rd place horses with 5 winning and 7 in third. The 3 was not there.

Race 4 11 in third. not even close

Race 5 advised you to do all over 9 if you want. 9 Came in 3rd. should have had it. This was a tough tough race with all the trainers in this. Lukas wins it with the 2 horse. We did not win anything.

Race 6 I liked the 4 horse to win and it came in second by a nose. UGH!! we had no

Now for my sobb story.......... Race 3 I missed it. Loved E Z Passer and he came in second. Was going to do ALL over that horse.

I had all over 9 in race 5, 9 gets third.

Race 6 had 4 over all and it comes in second

Race 8 I did 1 over 3-5-7. why did I not take the extra 6 dollars and do 1 over ALL. Especially with Costellano (6 horse) on the turf who I tell everyone to bet. Comes in 1-6 pays $430.00 I had a pit in my stomach all night. Paco Lopez comes in for one race all day to ride the 1 horse and he goes off at 34-1 and wins it wire to wire.

sooooo bummed.