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On 07/21/2013 12:49 PM in General

Day 3 Saratoga

Race 2. Maiden turf race can't ignore clement training 2 horse or chad brown on 5. Mostly favorites. Pass if you want. Box 2-5-7

Race 5. JJ Toner enters the 11 horse and brings in Rosario to ride. Toner does not enter many and they usually are prepped to run. Could be good odds.
Got a clockers tip on the 8 horse in this race so I am going to use it. Box 11-8-3. May triple box it too .

Race 6. 2 horse is the 1-1 favorite. No value to me unless you go all over 2. I am passing.

Race 7 . 12-8-5

Race 8. Very competitive race. 11-8-4. Box. The 2 ran well last ice out and got caught in traffic. May use for odds if you want.

Good luck if you choose to follow.