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On 07/20/2013 07:02 AM in Soccer

Duisburg - Heidenheim

10 days ago Duisburg didn’t know whether they will play this season in the 3rd or 5th league. Altogether they have only 18 players on disposal and five of those never played a professional game in their career. They had less than two weeks to prepare for new season which is certainly not enough.
On the other hand Heidenheim is one of the favorites in this league.Their squad is strengthened and motivated, and extra motivation comes from their rival’s (Leipzig) victory over Halle because they don’t want to stay behind on the very start of the league. Simply poor condition and lower quality of Duisburg’s player wont be enough here for them to take a point.
Bet: Heidenheim Wins
Tip: 2
Odds: @1.90
Best of luck everyone ;)

Bet smart or die poor ;)
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    WIll you have more picks?

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08/24/2013 06:36 AM

Picks are posted almost on daily basis..check it out ;)

Bet smart or die poor ;)
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08/24/2013 07:31 AM

Thanks as always man and good luck!

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