pleiner10 Posts:6281 Followers:44
On 10/12/2011 09:33 AM in MLB

Paul Leiner...250* NL Playoff winner 10/12

Tigers hit last night, here's two for

250* Cardinals -145
50* Rangers -110

bobalou Posts:5408 Followers:148
10/12/2011 09:49 AM


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pleiner10 Posts:6281 Followers:44
10/12/2011 02:22 PM

thanks Lou, hope you kick butt today as well

hitmen44 Posts:2495 Followers:8
10/12/2011 02:47 PM

thanks for the big

enzymex Posts:1732 Followers:61
10/12/2011 03:50 PM

GL Paul! I'm on the Cards tonight as well.