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On 07/07/2013 12:52 PM in MLB

New Guy Onboard

I'm no Professional, but I have been winning some $$$$$. I will post what I bet on, maybe you all can benefit from it.



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07/07/2013 01:10 PM

Here you Go!

COL: R. Oswalt (0-3, 7.88)
ARI: P. Corbin (9-1, 2.49)

Do I really have to say who I'm Picking? The only way Colorado can change the course of this game is by changing their Pitcher.
HOU: E. Bedard (3-4, 4.59)
TEX: J. Grimm (7-6, 5.84)

Their maybe alot of runs on this game, so I would take Houston +1.5

So there you go, lets see how I do?

Oh yeah I love Over/Under and definately like the the CUBS on the UNDER.


  • 07/07/2013 03:09 PM

    I took the Cubs/Pirates under as well. Looking good so far no score into the 3rd inning

    Thank you for following me and good luck tonight with the DBacks

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07/07/2013 03:36 PM

Welcome aboard the the best forum on the internet!!!!!

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07/07/2013 07:06 PM

So there you go! IF you took my 2 that I though were good then you won. IF you added my 3rd and dropped $25, your take home would have been over $140


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07/07/2013 07:52 PM

welcome and good job today.

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07/07/2013 07:52 PM

Welcome to the forum man and nice job today! Hope you can stick around for a while!

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07/08/2013 12:28 PM

Good Morning ALL!!!! Im working on my MBA paper today. Once I get completed I will post my 2 games that I think are my best choicse then and if I have a strong possible will add it. I really dont like putting 3 or more on a ticket unless I'm loading 8-9 teams and just dropping $5 for the fun of it.

See you all in a bit!


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07/08/2013 03:26 PM

Here you go! Lets see if I can make it happen again.

WAS: D. Haren (4-9, 6.15) O/U 8.5
PHI: J. Lannan (1-3, 5.15)

Im going on the OVER on this game, both pitchers are not doing very well. Both ERA are not that great. So I like to use the 1 up 1 down approach. I see this game at its lowest 9 and hightest 13. This is why I say OVER.

I love going for the Under Dog Team, my reason behing that is, even if they loss by 1 you still win. This is why Im going for Minnesota with the +1.5

MIN: S. Deduno (4-3, 3.47)
TB: R. Hernandez (4-10, 4.95)

Also what is helping me for my choice,,,,,ERA!

So there you go! Good luck to you all! I got a couple tidbit that have worked below for me. Not all the time but majority of the time.

Take look at some games and see the validity of it.

When a team has been give a EVEN or both have -100, pick the team that have the +1.5. Also when a team is favored with -190 or higher (-200s) pick the team with +1.5, they usually win by 2 or more.


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07/08/2013 03:35 PM

Like the Washington/Philadelphia play over as well! Best of luck and welcome to BTB!

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07/08/2013 05:55 PM

Welcome aboard and Good Luck