premiumplaya Posts:368 Followers:3
On 10/10/2011 04:56 AM in NFL

anyone betting on this monday night game?

i can't figure it out...i want to bet it but i think im gonna hold off...chicago can come up with some crazy blitzes that could confuse stafford...and he hasn't exactly looked like an elite qb yet. without calvin having monster games and comebacks in both games, this team could easily be 2-2. if i had to bet it, i'd give chicago the nod at +5.5...but detroits at home. god..too hard imo. whatdyall think?

Good luck.
pokerpope Posts:11 Followers:0
10/10/2011 07:10 AM

I tell ya what buddy, its getting awful crowded in this boat.... I have had this game on my mind all week and just cant come up with a solid decision.... AND WERE NOT ALONE, I have talked this game over with several fellow bettors and NOBODY really feels comfortable picking a side... IF this game was in Chicago i would definitely take the 5.5....But with all the HYPE going on in Detroit with baseball and the Lions having a GREAT year for the first time in FOREVER I just "feel" like Detroit is going to start off STRONG, and IF they can drive it down and score a TD on their first posession, I see them rolling with the momentum and having their BEST game of the year so far......... winning 34-24

BUTTTT....... If the Bears can manage to BLITZ THE PISS OUTTA DETROIT and shut down their first couple series, taking the crowd outta the game, and taking away the momentum Detroit is bringing into this game, then i see the Bears WINNING this game 28-24!!!!

I bet EVERY MNF game, so to answer your question Yes, and im going with.....

2 unit parlay
Detroit -5.5
Over 47


2 units on over 47

GOOD LUCK, if you bet Detroit LETS hope they keep their momentum!!!

marksmoneymakers Posts:29967 Followers:142
10/10/2011 08:03 AM

One Unit Plays (9-4)(+4.50 units)
Two Unit Plays (4-5)(-3.00 units)
Three Unit Plays (4-5)(-0.90 units)

Overall Record (17-14)(+0.60 units)

4-3 picking up 1.15 units so far this week, putting me in the plus for the year. Now I just need to stay there. Over the years I have been good in college football and have sucked in the NFL. That trend is changing as most of my winners have been in the NFL rather than college. As long as I win in one sport I can live with that. Love the Monday night game.

Detroit -5½ vs. Chicago (3 unit best bet)…………Been a while since Detroit has been on Monday Night Football and has been good. The World has been trying to kick them off the Thanksgiving schedule for years now. Here’s hoping we have some of that good old days Thanksgiving magic show up tonight. Detroit seems like they have come back to win just about every game, the last two looked like for sure losses and they have pulled them out. This team must have a ton of confidence right now. They and there fans are going to be so pumped for this Monday night game. Chicago seems to have lost a step from last year…guess they are getting older. Cutler can win you games, and he also loses games for you. I think Detroit pass rush will force him into plenty of mistakes in this one leading to some easy points for Stafford and company. I really don’t think this one will be close at all.

Over 47 Chicago/Detroit (one unit play)………..I actually love the over in this one as well, but I generally suck with totals, so I am only playing one unit on it. Chicago’s only chance to win this game is to outscore Detroit. I know the Lions will put up their share and Cutler will have to come out throwing, so he will get some points like he always does while throwing an interception for a TD return as well. I would not be surprised if this one hits 60 or more.

I can tell you right now I am going either 2-0 or 0-2 tonight. Usually when I am wrong I am way wrong. It will either be Detroit 37-24 or Chicago 17-14.

Good Luck Everybody!!

btb Posts:2279 Followers:163
10/10/2011 10:07 AM

Huge spot for the Lions, MNF home etc.. They wont want to disappoint. Cutler is in for a long day.. Spookys boys cruise tonight BIG!

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spooky Posts:4703 Followers:319
10/10/2011 12:23 PM

Roar has been Restored!!!

Finally I got Ryan coming over to the dark side.
Good Luck Premium

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jimmythegreek Posts:12668 Followers:393
10/10/2011 02:54 PM

I do like the Lions this evening to remain undefeated. The Lions are much more explosive than the Bears, and keeping the Matthew Stafford/Calvin Johnson duo on the sidelines with a ball-control attack is imperative for Chicago. Forte should get 25 carries and another five to 10 receptions, and some of those receptions should be via the screen pass, which he is really good at. If the Bears defense cannot slow down the up tempo pace Detroit throws at them, Stafford will have a field day against the pass weak secondary. However I do see a lot more value in the over 47. So playing the Lions some but I think both teams have the weapons to score at will. GL

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151rum Posts:908 Followers:13
10/11/2011 01:34 AM

i liked detroit from the beginning but i lost big on the over, really thought there would be more points seemed alot on here did too...the new england game cost me 1300, had a parlay with 3 overs and gb-5 and det-5 and jets dont know how much i wished there was about 1 less minute in that game and new england coulda just took a knee to end it oh well gl 151

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