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On 10/09/2011 07:50 PM in NFL

Andy Reid out as eagles coach, replaced by Mickey Mouse

Should the eagles lose this game, there is no reason for Andy Reid to continue to coach this team. 8 seconds left before the half and you run a play. Anyway, I am so happy because even I am out of the country for official business trips, Kick a fg. Come away with something. I understand you can't say the defense will hold them. Well guess what fatty, you put this team together and they are as good as dead and you should go with them. I've never been so disappointed in my life watching the eagles play. It's actually become quite comical. They can stop the run, can't tackle, can't block, can't do $hit. Go forbid you come up with a stop on 3rd down. Ah, who the Fu(k cares. Andy needs to go and he can take castilo with him. Because I watch football and play madden does that qualify me to be a defensive coordinator? Are you serious? That's how you start the second half. Lucky bastard.