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On 10/09/2011 06:13 PM in NFL

My Opinion about Andy Reid!

First off! Why are the Eagles not running the ball? McCoy had 11 carries today(last week only 9). Well any way, I am so thankful because even I am out of the country, I can simply monitor and get updates through
Watch Any NFL Game Live Online . They passed the ball 40 times!!!!!! Calling a play before the end of the half instead of kicking a FG? WTH? Bad play calling all around offensively.

The defense....where do I start. I know fire Castillo. Wide 9 does not work! They are giving up to many rushing yards. Getting gashed on almost every run. Can't tackle. This is the worst I've seen the D look in years. Clean house. Fire Reid, Castillo, and Morningweg now! Get a veteran LB in there! BLITZ the QB! Play MAN Defense! I'm so frustrated right now I can't see straight! It's like they're doing this sh!t on purpose.....Pissed Eagles fan right now!