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On 10/09/2011 12:38 PM in NFL

stayin positive,lol

The reason Andy promoted Juan to DC is because he wanted to bring in Howard Mudd and that was Juans job, I understand that you wanna be loyal to a guy that has been with you since you started But that was a horrible move. I would rather Andy just call the Defense Instead of Juan. He has no clue what he is doing. Well thanks to
WWW.NFLTVGAMES.COM so i can still watch and get updates on NFL... Im tired of Nnamdi getting roasted because of horrible zone safety play. Im tired of Asante starting at the other cb spot and giving a 10 yard cushion to a wr that only needs 3 yards to pick up a first down, hello quick slant. I like the fact that we are coming off the edge and getting sacks. But would we not get sacks if we removed that wide 9 nonsense? Babin and Jenkins are def a great pick up. Nnamdi will be better once he gets to play more man, and Asante will be better on the bench, let DRC start the other cb since we are making changes. I like Rolle instead of Matthews but we still need a solid MLB. We have to win the next 2 games before the bye or our season is pretty much over. But like Birdflipper im still going to stay positive and know we will overcome this drought

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10/09/2011 12:41 PM

the rain will come good luck