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Some Saturday MLB Helpful Information

Capping the Calendar
by Marc Lawrence

June's BEST & WORST MLB pitchers

The MLB calendar flips to June and we look at which pitchers perform well in the third month of the schedule and which ones run out of gas in June.

Listed below are hurlers that have enjoyed a 2-to-1 or better success ratio in team starts the last three seasons during the month of June. On the flip side, we’ve also listed pitchers that struggle in June team starts, winning 33 percent or less of their efforts. To qualify pitchers must have made a minimum of 10 starts with at least one start each June over the last three years.


Joe Blanton, Los Angeles Angels • 7-3

This might take a leap of faith to back the Angels right-hander who is on pace to have the worst year of career. If he’s going to help his team the rest of the season, giving up over 1.5 hits per innings pitched has to change immediately. Maybe turning the calendar will help.

Clay Buchholz, Boston Red Sox • 11-1

Buchholz begins this month after missing a start with irritation in his collarbone/AC joint. Otherwise, the Red Sox righty has done little wrong in 2013, as opposing batters are below the Mendoza Line (.200 batting average) against his tosses this year. The biggest difference is his ability to be focused for each start, which was not the case previously.

Johnny Cueto, Cincinnati Reds • 10-4

Having returned from the DL on May 20, Cueto is expected to continue what was the start of a quality campaign. Being backed with a ballclub which can score runs helps, but the Dominican native hides the ball expertly with a lively two and four-seam fastballs and a quick biting slider. Confident hurler.

Ryan Dempster, Boston Red Sox • 11-3

The 36-year-old right-hander has struggled to find his pitch location, explaining his mediocre record. The fastball has lacked the tailing action of the past and left-handed batters are squaring up his tosses more often. It’s time for Dempster to start contributing for Boston.

R.A. Dickey, Toronto Blue Jays • 12-4

The dancing knuckleball has not been there for the Cy Young winner. Consistently, Dickey has not had the same dropping action from his knuckler as last year, which is why he’s been so prone to the long ball. The conundrum is exasperated by the fact this has not happened even when he changed speeds. It is time for Dickey to start earning his wages.

Jason Hammel, Baltimore Orioles • 11-5

In spite of a solid record this year, Hammel still has an ERA over 5.00. Where he’s been generally improved is more quality starts, but when Orioles starter has an “off day”, he is hammered. If the 6-foot-6 right-hander can maintain the same win percentage in June as in the past, manager Buck Showalter will take it.

Tommy Hanson, Arizona Diamondbacks • 12-2

Has been on the restricted list and on May 25 threw a five-inning, 75-pitch simulated game in Arizona and appears to be on the verge of rejoining the Angels' staff. With the Angels’ recent play; they would really like to have one of their main starters back to strengthen the rotation and the bullpen. Having Hanson put together another hot June would be a big plus.

Ubaldo Jimenez, Cleveland Indians • 11-5

No longer the mid-to-upper 90’s pitcher from his Colorado days, Jimenez is a back of the rotation starter for Cleveland, capable of two or three solid outings in a row and then struggle with his complicated delivery and be tagged. Always the key for this 29 year old is not walking batters, since that is when things unravel.

Mat Latos, Cincinnati Reds • 12-4

Since arriving in Cincinnati, Latos has grown up and pitched with greater maturity. He is less bothered with mistakes and moves on to the next pitch instead of dwelling on what happened two batters ago. Could reach the next level as a pitcher if he develops a better plan for going through the lineup the third and fourth time.

Jon Niese, New York Mets • 13-4

Not having a very good season on a below average club, Niese has started to focus on himself. The lefty has developed bad mechanics, leaning to the side and forward in his delivery instead of being straight up. The Mets year is probably lost, but Niese can turn it around by doing what he does best with his drop-and-drive motion.

David Price, Tampa Bay Rays • 12-5

Price has been on the DL since May 15 with a left triceps strain in the midst of his worst professional season. Maybe the rest will help and the velocity will return for the current AL Cy Young winner. Hard to imagine Tampa Bay makes the playoffs without Price finishing the year strong when he returns.

C.C. Sabathia, New York Yankees • 14-2

For really the first time, the Yankees big man is starting to show some mileage. Sabathia’s batting average allowed is on a pace for a career-worst and he is well ahead of surrendering the most home runs of his storied career (11 to this point; 22 HR is previous high). The fastball has lost a couple of miles per hour and his slurvy breaking pitches have not yet had the usual bite. Nonetheless, he’s still C.C. and chances are he will figure out how to win more games.

Justin Verlander, Detroit Tigers • 14-3

After a couple of domineering years, Detroit’s ace has been ordinary by his standards in 2013. Verlander is permitting a hit an inning, something he has not done since his breakout year in 2006. His past suggests he could return to his usual productive ways at any moment and this is typically a sendoff point for him.

Jered Weaver, Los Angeles Angels • 8-4

The tall, lanky Halos hurler is back from a broken left elbow and is expected to do what he throughout his career, win nearly two out three decisions (102-53 record). This premier starter works all four corners of the strike zone like a surgeon.

C.J. Wilson, Los Angeles Angels • 14-1

Interesting to note there are four Anaheim starters on this list, thus if history is a predictor of the future, the Halos could have a monster June. A little hesitant at first being an ace when Weaver was injured, the left-hander looked more comfortable as time wore on and at least looked the part. Has owned this month.


Jeremy Guthrie, Kansas City Royals • 3-10

After setting a Kansas City franchise-record with 17 consecutive starts without a loss, Guthrie was roughed up the latter part of May and seen his ERA begin to return to career norms. Unless the Royals offense displays the ability to score like they did in sharp 17-10 start to the season, it is going to be difficult to back Guthrie.

Cole Hamels, Philadelphia Phillies • 5-12

The Phillies’ left-hander has already lost more games (8) than all of last season (6). After a rocky start, Hamels’ ERA has been in the mid-four’s since late April and though run support has been an issue from time to time, his yo-yo performances have made a bad situation worse. Hamels’ unusually high ERA at home (5.35) is what has really hurt him and finishing above .500 could be quite a task.

Justin Masterson, Cleveland Indians • 5-10

Playing on his best team since joining Cleveland, Masterson is trending positively. The Jamaican-born sidearm pitcher is at career-lows in batting average allowed and WHIP and if he can surpass the problems he’s endured in past June’s, he is setting himself up for a fine campaign.

Brian Matusz, Baltimore Orioles • 4-13

Has only been used in relief by Baltimore this season and appears to have found a niche as a non-starter.

Ricky Nolasco, Miami Marlins • 5-12

The Corona, CA native is statistically having his best year since 2007, when he was 15-8 with a 3.52 ERA. Unfortunately, Nolasco can’t be expected to come close to matching the same win total, playing for an abysmal Marlins outfit. He has to be considered prime acquisition material for a contender before the season heads too much further down the road.

Anibal Sanchez, Detroit Tigers • 5-10

Unlike Nolasco, Sanchez has been saved from Miami, pitching for Detroit. More comfortable in his first full season in MoTown, Sanchez’s 5-4 record does not indicate how well he thrown for the Tigers. His previous negative numbers figure to be in the past with a championship contender.

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New York Mets cashing in for interleague bettors

This week saw a plethora of interleague games played all over the bigs and the American League managed to take the lead over the National League in the head-to-head results.

The AL posted a record of 33-28 over NL opponents for the week. Heading into the scheduled IL matchups, the leagues were split at 29-29 on the season. Now, the AL is up by a tally of 62-57.

Here are the best IL teams to date.

New York Mets, 7-1

The Mets had a pair of mini home-and-home series against the crosstown New York Yankees and took all four games from the Bronx Bombers. The four victories upped the Mets' interleague record to 7-1. Mets ace Matt Harvey is 3-0 with a 0.72 ERA against the American League.

Any $100 bettor would be up $658.58 if betting the Mets in each of their interleague games.

Tampa Bay Rays, 9-1

The Rays took the Battle of Florida by sweeping the lowly Miami Marlins to up their record to 9-1 in interleague games. They swept through the San Diego Padres earlier in May and took two of three versus the Colorado Rockies in their first IL series. The Rays average 6.1 runs per game versus the National League.

Any $100 bettor would be up $461.68 if betting the Rays in each of their interleague games.

Chicago Cubs, 5-1

Yet another team that prevailed against their crosstown or interstate rival. The Cubs swept the Chicago White Sox to improve their interleague record to 5-1 on the season. The Cubbies have outscored their opponents 41-14 in their six interleague games.

Any $100 bettor would be up $437.63 if betting the Cubs in each of their interleague games.

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Baseball Crusher

Cleveland Indians -120 over Tampa

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Hot pitchers
-- Fernandez is 0-0, 2.05 in four home starts.
-- Samardzija is 2-1, 1.13 in his last three starts.
-- Wainwright is 3-1, 2.35 in his last four starts. Miller is 2-1, 1.99 in his last five starts. Giants won last six Cain starts (4-0, 3.86).
-- Liriano is 3-1, 2.31 in four starts this season. Leake is 2-0, 0.86 in his last three starts.
-- GGonzalez is 1-1, 2.76 in his last five starts.

-- Buehrle is 1-0, 2.08 in his last two starts.

-- Straily is 2-0, 0.69 in his last two starts. Quintana is 1-1, 2.92 in his last two.
-- Hammel is 2-0, 2.45 in his last couple starts.
-- Hughes is 0-0, 2.08 in his last two starts.
-- JWilliams is 3-0, 2.02 in his last four starts.

Cold pitchers
-- McHugh was 0-3, 8.82 in four '12 starts; he is 3-2, 2.74 in eight AAA starts so far this season.
-- Peralta is 0-4, 10.70 in his last four starts. Cloyd is 1-1, 5.74 in three starts this season.
-- Greinke is 0-1, 12.38 in his last two starts. Chacin is 0-3, 6.46 in five starts since coming off the DL.
-- Kennedy is 1-1, 5.28 in his last five starts.
-- Bumgarner is 1-3, 5.75 in his last five starts.
-- Hudson is 0-3, 8.14 in his last four starts, but Atlanta is 5-0 in his starts at home (3-0, 2.97).

-- Padres used Saturday starter Richard in relief in 16th inning last night, so not sure who they're pitching tonight.

-- Archer is making first '13 start; he is 5-3, 3.96 in 10 AAA starts this year, and was 1-3, 4.60 in four big league starts LY. Jimenez is 0-1, 5.63 in his last three starts.
-- Harang is 0-3, 10.67 in his three road starts. Correia is 2-3, 5.93 in his last five starts.
-- Shields is 0-4, 4.03 in his last four starts. Tepesch is 1-3, 5.27 in his last five starts.
-- Verlander is 2-2, 9.15 in his last four starts.
-- Doubront is 0-2, 6.10 in his last four starts.
-- Norris is 0-3, 13.89 in his last three road starts.

Starting Pitchers/First Inning
You can wager on whether teams will score in first inning. Below is how often a starting pitcher has allowed 1+ runs in first inning in one of his starts........
-- McHugh 0-0; Fernandez 2-10
-- Peralta 3-11 (3 of last 3); Cloyd 2-3
-- Greinke 2-5; Chacin 2-9
-- Kennedy 4-10; Samardzija 4-11
-- Leake 2-10; Liriano 1-4
-- Cain 4-11 Bumgarner 0-11; Miller 3-10 Wainwright 3-11
-- Gonzalez 4-11; Hudson 2-11

-- Buehrle 4-11 (1 of last 8); Unknown

-- Archer 0-0; Jimenez 4-10
-- Harang 4-7; Correia 3-10
-- Quintana 3-10; Straily 2-7
-- Shields 5-11; Tepesch 2-10
-- Verlander 4-11 (4 of last 4); Hammel 4-11
-- Doubront 2-8; Hughes 4-10
-- Norris 4-11; Williams 1-5

-- Seven of last nine Arizona road games stayed under the total.
-- Five of last six Milwaukee games went over the total.
-- Nine of last thirteen Pirate games stayed under the total.
-- 11 of Mets' last 15 games stayed under the total.
-- Six of last eight Washington games went over the total.
-- Over is 6-1-1 in Cain's last eight starts.
-- Eight of last twelve Colorado games stayed under the total.

-- Seven of last nine Toronto games went over the total.

-- Over is 12-3-1 in Baltimore's last sixteen games.
-- Over is 24-7-1 in last 32 Tampa Bay games.
-- Five of last seven Bronx games stayed under total.
-- Over is 4-2-1 in last seven Texas games.
-- Three of last four Minnesota home games stayed under.
-- Under is 6-1-1 in Angels' last eight games.
-- Six of last seven Oakland home games stayed under total.

Hot teams
-- Cubs won their last five games, scoring 36 runs.
-- Pirates won 13 of their last 17 games. Reds won 15 of their last 20.
-- Mets won five of their last six games.
-- Atlanta won ten of its last fourteen games.
-- Cardinals won 21 of their last 28 games.

-- Padres won three of their last four games.

-- Orioles won six of their last eight games.
-- Rays won their last five games, scoring 42 runs.
-- Twins won five of their last seven games.
-- Angels won nine of their last twelve games. Houston won four of last five.
-- A's won 12 of their last 14 games.

Cold teams
-- Arizona lost its last four road games, allowing 25 runs.
-- Brewers lost 13 of their last 17 games. Philly is 3-5 in its last eight games.
-- Marlins lost 19 of their last 23 games.
-- Nationals lost four of their last seven games.
-- Giants lost five of their last eight games.
-- Dodgers lost nine of their last twelve road games. Rockies lost six of their last seven games overall.

-- Toronto lost seven of its last ten road games.

-- Detroit lost its last four games, scoring eight runs.
-- Indians lost eight of their last eleven games.
-- Bronx lost five of its last six games. Boston lost three of last four.
-- Royals lost 13 of their last 15 games. Texas lost three of last five.
-- Mariners lost ten of their last fourteen games.
-- White Sox lost their last four games, allowing 27 runs.

-- NY-Mia-- Five of last seven Fairchild games stayed under.
-- Mil-Phil-- Over is 5-1-1 in last seven Hallion games.
-- LA-Col-- Favorites won 15 of last 20 Davis games.
-- Az-Chi-- Underdogs won 14 of last 20 West games.
-- Cin-Pitt-- Favorites won 10 of last 11 Hirschbeck games, with over 4-0-3 in his last seven.
-- Wsh-Atl-- Visiting team won last six Vanover games.

-- Tor-SD-- Underdogs are 7-7 (+$257) in last 14 Eddings games.

-- TB-Cle-- Home team won six of last seven O'Nora games.
-- Sea-Min-- Favorites won six of last seven McClelland games.
-- A's-KC-- Over is 31-9-4 in last 44 Emmel games.
-- KC-Tex-- Under is 9-4 in last thirteen Tichenor games.
-- Det-Balt-- Eight of last nine Wendelstedt games went over total.
-- Bos-NY-- Underdogs are 10-9 in last nineteen Cederstrom games.
-- Hst-LA-- Seven of last nine TBarrett games stayed under total.

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Vic Monte Sports


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Cappers Access

D'Backs +140
W.Sox +160

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Today's MLB Picks
Washington at Atlanta

The Nationals look to build on their 4-0 record in Gio Gonzalez' last 4 starts as an underdog of +110 to +150. Washington is the pick (+120) according to Dunkel, which has the Nationals favored by 1. Dunkel Pick: Washington (+120). Here are all of today's picks.

Time Posted: 7:30 a.m. EST

Game 951-952: NY Mets at Miami (4:10 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: NY Mets (McHugh) 15.101; Miami (Fernandez) 14.073
Dunkel Line: NY Mets by 1; 9
Vegas Line: Miami (-110); 7 1/2
Dunkel Pick: NY Mets (-110); Over

Game 953-954: Milwaukee at Philadelphia (4:05 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Milwaukee (Peralta) 13.711; Philadelphia (Cloyd) 14.695
Dunkel Line: Philadelphia by 1; 8
Vegas Line: No Line
Dunkel Pick: N/A

Game 955-956: LA Dodgers at Colorado (4:10 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: LA Dodgers (Greinke) 14.677; Colorado (Chacin) 15.988
Dunkel Line: Colorado by 1 1/2; 8
Vegas Line: Colorado (-130); 9 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Colorado (-130); Under

Game 957-958: Arizona at Chicago Cubs (7:15 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Arizona (Kennedy) 15.542; Cubs (Samardzija) 14.725
Dunkel Line: Arizona by 1; 10
Vegas Line: Chicago Cubs (-135); No Run Total
Dunkel Pick: Arizona (+115); N/A

Game 959-960: San Francisco at St. Louis (7:15 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: San Francisco (Bumgarner) 15.237; St. Louis (Wainwright) 16.305
Dunkel Line: St. Louis by 1; 6
Vegas Line: St. Louis (-140); 7
Dunkel Pick: St. Louis (-140); Under

Game 961-962: Cincinnati at Pittsburgh (7:15 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Cincinnati (Leake) 16.181; Pittsburgh (Liriano) 15.026
Dunkel Line: Cincinnati by 1; 9
Vegas Line: Pittsburgh (-120); 7 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Cincinnati (+100); Over

Game 963-964: Washington at Atlanta (7:15 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Washington (Gonzalez) 16.466; Atlanta (Hudson) 15.560
Dunkel Line: Washington by 1; 9
Vegas Line: Atlanta (-140); 7 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Washington (+120); Over

Game 965-966: Tampa Bay at Cleveland (1:05 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Tampa Bay (Archer) 15.699; Cleveland (Jimenez) 16.571
Dunkel Line: Cleveland by 1; 8
Vegas Line: Cleveland (-130); 9
Dunkel Pick: Cleveland (-130); Under

Game 967-968: Seattle at Minnesota (1:10 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Seattle (Harang) 15.229; Minnesota (Correia) 14.124
Dunkel Line: Seattle by 1; 9
Vegas Line: Minnesota (-140); 8 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Seattle (+120); Over

Game 969-970: Chicago White Sox at Oakland (4:05 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: White Sox (Quintana) 13.238; Oakland (Straily) 16.010
Dunkel Line: Oakland by 3; 7
Vegas Line: Oakland (-155); 7 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Oakland (-155); Under

Game 971-972: Kansas City at Texas (4:05 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Kansas City (Shields) 14.110; Texas (Tepesch) 16.101
Dunkel Line: Texas by 2; 8
Vegas Line: Texas (-135); 9
Dunkel Pick: Texas (-135); Under

Game 973-974: Detroit at Baltimore (4:05 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Detroit (Verlander) 16.773; Baltimore (Hammel) 15.251
Dunkel Line: Detroit by 1 1/2; 9
Vegas Line: Detroit (-135); 8 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Detroit (-135); Over

Game 975-976: Boston at NY Yankees (7:15 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Boston (Doubront) 15.342; NY Yankees (Hughes) 14.418
Dunkel Line: Boston by 1; 10
Vegas Line: NY Yankees (-120); 9
Dunkel Pick: Boston (+100); Over

Game 977-978: Houston at LA Angels (10:05 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Houston (Norris) 15.398; LA Angels (Williams) 16.897
Dunkel Line: LA Angels by 1 1/2; 7
Vegas Line: LA Angels (-220); 8 1/2
Dunkel Pick: LA Angels (-220); Under

Game 979-980: Toronto at San Diego (10:10 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Toronto (Buehrle) 16.276; San Diego (Erlin) 14.975
Dunkel Line: Toronto by 1 1/2; 7
Vegas Line: Toronto (-115); 8
Dunkel Pick: Toronto (-115); Under

Game 981-982: San Francisco at St. Louis (1:15 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: San Francisco (Cain) 15.402; St. Louis (Miller) 16.371
Dunkel Line: St. Louis by 1; 7
Vegas Line: No Line
Dunkel Pick: N/A

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StatFox Super Situations™ - FoxSheets


Play Against - Any team (CHICAGO CUBS) below average hitting team (AVG <=.255) against an average starting pitcher (ERA=4.20 to 5.20) -NL, with a starting pitcher whose WHIP is 1.050 or better on the season-NL
88-68 since 1997. ( 56.4% 45.3 units )
5-6 this year. ( 45.5% -0.5 units )

StatFox Situational Power Trends™ - FoxSheets


OAKLAND is 63-30 (+32.5 Units) against the money line in Home games at home when the total is 7 to 8.5 over the last 2 seasons.

The average score was: OAKLAND (4.7) , OPPONENT (3.6)

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Handicapping Kings





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Chicago White Sox

"Hondo bounced back from yesterday morning’s excruciating, rain-delayed loss with the Cards by zipping along with the Reds last night to reduce the dirty digits to 60 lollars.
Today, Mr. Aitch will roll with Quintana — 10 units on the Pale Hose to mind their P’s and Q’s and get a W against the A’s."