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Our problem first and foremost is lack of consistency. anyway, I am so happy coz I can easily watch the NFL Season through the WWW.NFLTVGAMES.COM . All the talent in the world isn't going to do any good unless you use it. Jason Garrett and Tony Romo been on the team long enough to know the importance of ball protection. I'm calling them like I see em. I see the same eyeballing the reciever down the field, the same pass happy offense. The same lack of a killer instinct. The same bad coverages in the redzones, and most importantly the same telegraphing plays by Jason Garrett as when Wade was here. Especially in the redzone.

Untill Jason Garrett realizes that he has to be aggressive each and every game. He's going to get tripped up, distracted, or out maneuvered most of the time. Truth is the guy is not focused on keeping his edge over 60 minutes. It shows when his QB is forcing plays that don't work after thinking the game's in the bag. The reason they don't work is the QB and the coach not understanding that a play's shelf life is maybe a half, if that. Instead Jason Garrett and Tony Romo has a limited view of how great these teams are. Even the Lions, and it catches up with them regularly.

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10/09/2011 11:40 AM

Excellent points made all around. Dallas has had some worthy competition on paper but so far all 4 games have been decided by 4 points or less. If Romo and Garrett do not get on the same page we may see neither at the helm going foward. Consistency and lack of execution in order to finish up opponents will continue to be issues, and hopefully with a bye week the team can straighten itself out and eliminate the underacheiving.

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