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On 05/28/2013 11:54 AM in NBA

Memphis..."Baby Come Back!" Gay?

I want to hear your opinions... I think Memphis made a BIG mistake when they decided to trade Rudy Gay in both short term and long term aspects. Rudy Gay is an AMAZING player! Obviously hasnt played to his FULL POTENTIAL, but man this kids is good and he has the ability to be great. Great athletic BASKETBALL build and does well under pressure. Some things you just cant teach a player ....Oh ya and did I mention, he was worn in Baltimore MD. I really believe that all who have grown up in the DMV area, just have better experiences (both good and bad) and attitude and toughness that cant be taught. If you can survive it out there and make something of yourself, I believe you have an advantage over anyone else. Some may say that I'm being bias, but until you have been out there u will not know what I'm talking about. Anyways I got a little off topic. What do you guys think, Bad or Good Trade?? Both short and long term??

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05/28/2013 12:25 PM

I think they got better after trading him. He's an inefficient volume scorer who doesn't play much defense. Kind of like a taller Stephen Curry who can't shoot. Definitely not worth a max contract.