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The horse positions are set for the Preakness. Does not really matter to be honest in a 9 horse field. I thought there were 11 horses, shame on me.

Orb is 1-1 odds so you if you wager on him you double your money if he wins. Just like betting football with no vig. Atleast in football you get 3.5 hours of entertainment, this you get 2 min and 15 seconds.

So if Orb is 1-1 and is the most likely winner you need to look for value.
when I saw ITSMYLUCKYDAY at 10-1 morning line odds I was shocked. Johnny V on a horse that has been right in it in every race except a sloppy derby track is value to me. Like I mentioned yesterday. you can bet exotics and little cost...


Bet one $2 Triple ORB/ ITSMYLUCKYDAY/ ALL ($14 wager) I may do some single triples with ORB/GOVERNORCHARLIE/ over ITSMYLUCKYDAY and WILL TAKE CHARGE. and up it to $5 each bet.

I also like ALL/ ORB EXACTA. ($16) Hope a bomb comes in on top.

You have to count ORB to win it. Just the best horse in the field. If there is a horse that me have a chance to steel this race and do it at a price it is GOVERNOR CHARLIE and ITSMYLUCKYDAY.

If GOVERNORCHARLIE runs close to his last race he may be gone and too hard to catch. That is a BIG IF, but again I am betting on VALUE looking for a bigger pay day than 1-1.

ITSMYLUCKYDAY make a jockey change and this horse I really think will be in exotics more so than any other horse other than ORB.

BLACK EYED SUSAN/ PREAKNESS DOUBLE - again, the word is VALUE.....i think the best horse in the Blackeyed Susan
I think FIFTYSHADESOFHAY is the winner......

One race to look out for......SATURDAY RACE 11 $2 box.... 2-5-12. OPTIMIZER SHOULD WIN. He just lost to WISEDAN.

LaParoux rides the Doubles Partner who has some graded stakes under the belt. The key here is the 12 horse (two months rent) and trainer J J Toner. He does not enter horses often, but when he does they are usually ready and at a price. Morning line here is 15-1, good turf rider and some good races under him.

If you choose to follow or listen....good luck.......

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05/18/2013 06:35 AM

I get to the window and there is no double with black eyed susan /preakness. Of course... Fiftyshadesofhay wins the race
Dam it!!

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05/18/2013 06:48 AM

Thanks man great stuff!!

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05/19/2013 07:02 PM

Thank god for ALL/ORB, ITSmyluckysay exacta. $2 paid $600