Overwatch League Week Five Betting Odds & Preview

Last Updated: 2018-02-23

Every team will play its last game of Stage One of the Overwatch League’s inaugural season over the next two days. The race for the third and final spot in the Stage One Playoffs is all anyone is talking about, but following London’s loss to Houston, there is a good chance that the Outlaws can leap London and grab the second seed. That would be extraordinary after we all assumed that the three Korean teams were essentially locked into the top three spots.

Overwatch League Week Five Betting Odds

New York Excelsior -163                                                                London Spitfire +120

This was supposed to be the battle for first place until London lost to Houston and essentially handed the No. 1 seed to New York. In order for London to take the top spot, they would need to sweep New York in this series 4-0, and that is very unlikely to happen.

The Spitfire’s collapse against Houston was stunning. London just didn’t have an answer for Jake and Linkzr, who combined to wreck London’s backline throughout the match.

Now, London’s playoff hopes are in jeopardy with a poor performance here, and they must find an answer. Bdosin has been great, but the other support position has been a huge problem. NUS has had some problems as the team’s Mercy and that’s something New York can take advantage of.

Although I used to say the Seoul had the best support tandem in the league, it’s becoming clear that New York truly has the best duo. Ark has been the best Mercy in the league, and Jjonak has been incredible on a number of champions. He is the highest rated player in the game according to Winston’s Lab and is considered one of the best two players of four different champions.

Originally, this line was Excelsior -138. London’s loss moved that up, but Excelsior is still the play. However, if London get to +200 or more, go with the Spitfire.

Houston Outlaws -200                                                                   Boston Uprising +150

I’ve been completely wrong on Boston. I had this team finishing ninth at best in Stage 1, as they learned how to play together and for a cohesive unit. However, this team has surprised everyone despite not having a superstar on the roster. Instead, they have been the most coordinated and best coached team in Overwatch.

DreamKazper has been a delight at DPS. He has specialized in champions that aren’t the biggest part of the meta, ranking among the tops of all Pharah and Reaper players. The tanks have been great too. Gamsu has been a solid main tank, while Kalios is a flex tank that has shined at crucial moments.

Houston is the hottest team outside of New York. I’ve gushed about the Outlaws quite a few times over the last couple weeks, and they have paid dividends to everyone who has backed them. Jake and Linkzr have been phenomenal, but we talk about them all the time.

Muma has been a great tank. He has been a very good Winston player and protects his supports and DPS players well. Also, the Outlaws have been one of the teams without any Mercy problems. Boink and Rawkus have both performed very well on here.

Philadelphia Fusion -2500                                                            Florida Mayhem +800

Thankfully, Florida’s season is coming to an end. The Mayhem need to make some sweeping changes in the offseason. They were the first team to sign new players to their roster to prepare for Stage 2 and it is likely that Zappis replaced the maligned Cwoosh.

It’s a shame because Manneten, Logix, and TviQ have all shown really great talent, but have struggled to win long team fights because of problems with the talent around them.

Philadelphia should be able to wipe the floor with Florida, but it has to get in the right place. The Fusion were swept by Boston earlier in the week, knocking them out of the Stage One playoff race. They should be motivated because there are season-long playoffs to worry about.

This team needs to go back to running the aggressive dive compositions that made them successful. That means the tanks need to be decisive and unafraid to go into the backline.


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